Monthly Archives: July 2009

Have a roar and S'mores activity with your kids!
The other day, I went to the San Diego Zoo.  Not physically.  Just to the website.  (Much cheaper than paying for the airplane and zoo entrance tickets.) They have a program called ‘Roar and Snore.’ It’s a sleep-over program where kids and their families can pack their pillows and sleeping […]

Roars, S’mores, and Snores

Do you have any grandchildren that have taken classes in school where they have used Photoshop?  And then your grandchild wants to buy it but can’t because Photoshop is so outta this world expensive?  If so, there’s an alternative.  It’s free, easy to use, has many of the same options […]

Share This With Your Grandchildren

So now that I’m back from Washington, D.C. (which was a fabulous trip and a great conference!), life seems to have swept me downstream in a maelstrom.  Grocery shop to fill an empty fridge.  Wash laundry. Party on the 4th. And, now we’re in the process of painting one of […]

I’m Back — But Busy