Monthly Archives: August 2009

Here are some different -- and cool -- rubber ducks!
Move over yellow duckie!  You’re about to be taken over by an odd duck. One with an attitude! And, I want one.  Wait. I want a whole flock of them. The picture on the left is of Bob.  There is also Jane, Slim and Squish. They’re hip.  They’re mod.  They’re […]

Rubber Duckie with an Attitude

Here are some wet and wild summer activities for your kids!
I know that school is starting soon in many areas around the country. School signals the end of the summer.  But not necessarily the end of hot weather. I remember many days at the beginning of the school year in elementary school of being sweaty and sticking to the wooden […]

Wet ‘N Wild

Make paper foldable with your kids.
Do these hot summer days have your grandchildren wound tight like a spring – coiled and ready for action? If so, get their hands focused (and busy) making foldables. And what are foldables? I’m glad you asked.  Foldables are things you make out of paper simply by printing, cutting, and […]

Paper Foldables

Easiest ever fruit cobler!
On the Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I went camping with another family in Southern Utah near Bryce Canyon.  Before we left, I warned them that when the Lewis’s go camping it rains. True to form, it rained. I was planning on making a Dutch Oven apple cobbler for […]

Easiest Ever Fruit Cobbler