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Mustache On A Stick For Grandchildren

Our son and his wonderful wife went to a party that a cousin had.  It was a yellow party where everyone wore yellow.  There was a photo booth with some props.  These fake mustaches were part of the props.

Aren’t these pictures a hoot? (Just like my son and his wife!)

Which, of course, got my little brain perc-perc-percolating. Of course.

Wouldn’t this be a fabulous idea to do with grandchidren?  Fabulous! Especially grandsons.  (The masculine gender always seem so intent on growing facial hair . . .)

These mustachios are on elastic string.  I have seen some that were on dowel sticks.  I have even seen some on popsicle sticks for younger kids.  (They are sturdier than dowels for kids under five years old.)

I’m sure you’re just dying to make some of these with your grandchildren. So, being the kind person I am, I have found a great tutorial that is easy to follow. The tutorial says just to sketch some mustaches.  My sketched mustaches look like a soggy dog’s tail.

Since my drawing skills are wildly pathetic, I knew I would need a pattern.  So, being the kind person that I am, I found patters of lots o’ different kinds.  Check out the template here. There are several different styles to choose from.

You will notice the mustaches in the pictures are yellow (to go along with the party’s theme.) This shows that you don’t have to stick with black or brown colors.  Make red ones, white ones, grey ones, pink ones (for the granddaugters), and even purple ones.

Put a monocle on the stick above the mustache for an English flair.

If you want to live on the wild side, cut the mustaches out of poster board and glue on some fake fur to make your mustache truly hairy.

Add props like a nose, a fedora hat, sun glasses, or a trench coat.

There are oh so many uses for these fellas:

  • a Father’s Day picture for Grandpa
  • a Shutterfly photo book with pics of all the grands sporting their mustachios
  • Halloween parties
  • birthday parties (each guest goes home with a mustache)
  • New Year’s Eve
  • skits
  • family reunions
  • rainy Saturday afternoons (which have been plentiful at my house lately!)
  • a trip to the park to sleuth out a whodunit mystery or to find a treasure hidden by grandpa
  • a DIY photo booth activity
  • a Sherlock Holmes Grandma camp activity

Part of the fun is making these cuties. Another part is using them.

Have any of you made fake mustaches with your grandchildren?