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All Things Watermelon

Learn how to make fun watermelon carvings.

I have always been impressed when I have seen watermelon carved into delightful centerpieces — like this dinosaur.  Imagine my delight when I stumbled across the National Watermelon Promotional Board website.  Their purpose is to increase the demand for fresh watermelon.

Huzzah!  I can totally support them in their endeavors.

They have delightful pictures (and directions) on how to make watermelon carvings like a submarine, a ‘lips and love’ basket (I love the big lips!), a pig, a turtle, a treasure chest, and even a hedgehog.  (My youngest son would really like this hedgehog!)

They also have recipes like a watermelon pizza supreme, watermelon in a blanket (like pigs in a blanket), frosted watermelon, and watermelon walnut bagel spread.  They all look and sound so yummy!

Their site makes me want to carve a melon and make some watermelon treats.  Right now!!

If you have older grandchildren, you could have a watermelon carving contest with them.  You can show them some of the ideas from this site.   Or they could brainstorm and come up with their own idea.  You could give prizes for the most creative, intricate, funny, or scary.  Be sure to take pictures of their end product.  Then, make some of the watermelon recipes with the left over scraps — or from extra melons.

August 3rd is National Watermelon Day.  You can start preparing for it now by practicing your carving and cooking skills.

You could also make a whole day of watermelon activities:

What watermelon activities have you done with your grandchildren?

Even More 4th of July Ideas for Grandchildren

Isn’t it amazing how many holiday ideas you can find on the Internet?  (Isn’t it amazing how much time I can waste spend searching for ideas?)  What drab lives we lived before the Internet came along.

Here’s round three of even more 4th of July ideas of activities you can do with your grandchildren.

When you are finished making your crafts, make this yummy All American Dessert.  Your grandchildren will gobble it down in one sitting.  (Much to their mother’s dismay!)  Word on the street has it that you might want to use more Cool Whip than the recipe calls for.


More 4th of July Activities for Grandchildren

The 4th of July.

You can never have too many ideas of things to do and things to make that are patriotic. (I was patriotic LONG before it was cool or in to be patriotic!)

And, there isn’t anything more fun than to make patriotic things with your grandchildren.

Here is a list that includes printable and craft activities.  There are ideas for grandchildren of all ages.

You might also want to check out my post of other 4th of July activities.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Edible Fourth of July Activities for Grandchildren

The 4th of July is just a blink away.

This is always a fun time to have family picnics and get togethers. It’s a time for watermelon, Popsicles, and homemade ice cream.

If you’ll be having grandchildren over (or you’re going to their home), here are some ‘patriotic’ edible treats that would be fun to make with — or for — them.

Most of these recipes are fairly easy and could be made by neophyte cooks (with a little help from grandma of course!).

You could also make Rice Krispie treats, topped with red, white and blue sprinkles, and cut out using a star-shaped cookie cutter.  You could also dip them in white melted dipping chocolate before adding the sprinkles.  Yum.

What fun foods do you make for the 4th of July?


Soap Carving Revisted

As I check the statistics on my site, I am sad to announce that my soap carving post, which has had the most hits and is the subject of the most searches on my site, has been replaced.  A moment of silence please. (Remeber the first set of patterns and the second set of patterns?)

Hits on my Cake in a Cup post has left my soap carving post in the dust.  It now has twice as many hits.  I guess grandkids must like fun and easy snacks instead of slicing and dicing up their fingers . . .

I have recently come across more fabulous information for soap carving.  Here are pictures of carving examples on the Ivory site.  (Look at the bottom of the page where it talks about the Statue of Liberty and a pig that was carved out of soap.)

Ivory has posted carving directions that are useful.

They have directions for making your own special holiday bar of soap.  Since the 4th of July will soon be here, you could make a star shaped bar of soap.

There are also directions for a sailboat regatta activity that would be fun to dowith your grandchildren in a child’s wading pool on a hot summer day.

This site has directions for carving a cute Scottie dog.

Here’s hoping you have some clean fun carving soap with your grandchildren!


Ladybugs Galore

I have a deep philosophical question.  Deeper than asking about the meaning of life, or why we are here on earth, or where we go after our death.  My question is deep.  Real deep.  Ready for it?  Okay.  Here goes.

Why in the world are there so many uber creative people with creativity oozing from every pore and my creativity is as plentiful as water and shade in Death Valley?  In the middle of the day?  In the middle of July?  Huh?  Will you answer me that?

I see you are speechless.  Me, too.

Amanda is one of those uber creative women.  And one of her loves is creating lady bug crafts — which I was smitten with as soon as I saw them.  You will be, too! (Thank you, Amanda, for letting me use the picture of your cutie bugs for my posting!  Not only is she creative, she is also gracious for sharing this picture.)

My favorite ladybug craft is the twirling paper ladybugs.  This would be a great activity to do with your grandchildren.

(We pause here for a station identification.  Recently, I realized that I use the word ‘great’ alot.  Like 596,4029.2 times within the last three posts that I’ve written.  Well, maybe not THAT many . . . But almost. I really must flee to the arms of Roget’s Thesaurus to find a replacement.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.)

These neat-o keen-o bugs are easy to make and would delight any grandchild.  They are also cheap.  Cheap is nice and, when combined with easy, it makes for a winner of an activity.  (Winner — how’s that for replacing the word ‘great?’)

Lest you get complacent with just one mere ladybug activity, you’ve just GOT to check out the others.  Sheesh, you could take a whole week and make a gaggle of these li’l darlin’s and have them all over your house.  (If your grandchildren live far away from you, you could send the materials and directions for the activities to your grandchildren.  That would give them lots of fun to do now that school is out for the summer.)

  • Paper plate ladybugs (The ones pictured above.)
  • Ladybug rocks (If you need rocks, let me know.  I’d be happy to send you some — straight out of my flower garden!)
  • Plastic lid ladybugs (Start saving the plastic lids off milk jugs, et. al.)
  • Ladybug hat (Be sure to take pictures of your grand kiddos wearing their hat!)
  • Recycled ladybug jar (Filled with candy a healthy treat, this jar will be a hit for a grandchild to take home.

You could make sugar cookie ladybugs, paint a ladybug on a t-shirt or apron, or make a construction paper ladybug bookmark.  You could draw a ladybug on a popcicle stick to put in a potted plant.

What other ladybug crafts have you done with your grandchildren?