Monthly Archives: June 2011

Learn how to make fun watermelon carvings.
I have always been impressed when I have seen watermelon carved into delightful centerpieces — like this dinosaur.  Imagine my delight when I stumbled across the National Watermelon Promotional Board website.  Their purpose is to increase the demand for fresh watermelon. Huzzah!  I can totally support them in their endeavors. […]

All Things Watermelon

As I check the statistics on my site, I am sad to announce that my soap carving post, which has had the most hits and is the subject of the most searches on my site, has been replaced.  A moment of silence please. (Remeber the first set of patterns and […]

Soap Carving Revisted

I have a deep philosophical question.  Deeper than asking about the meaning of life, or why we are here on earth, or where we go after our death.  My question is deep.  Real deep.  Ready for it?  Okay.  Here goes. Why in the world are there so many uber creative […]

Ladybugs Galore

On Sunday evenings when I was growing up, we’d pop a big batch of popcorn and watch the Sunday Night Movie. I loved the movies. I loved popcorn. Now, on many Friday nights my husband and I will rent a movie from Red Box, pop some kettle corn in the […]

It’s In The Bag

Monday on  my way home from work, we had a horrid dust storm.  Winds gusting over 50 miles per hour carried so much dust off the West Desert (say that in a deep ominous voice like my kids and  husband do) that I couldn’t see the mountains. That’s a heap […]

Shadow Art with Grandchildren