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Simple Tree Ornaments

Are you the kind of person that puts up her Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving?

I’m not. I’m usually trying to recuperate from all of the standing-on-my-feet-fixing-the-Thanksgiving-meal instead of decorating for Christmas.

Well, regardless of whether or not you have your tree up, you can still have an activity with your grandchildren and make tree ornaments out of homemade play dough.  (If you need the recipe, you can find it here.)

To make your tree ornament, simply roll out your Christmas colored play dough and cut out shapes using Christmas shaped cookie cutters.  Use a straw to punch a hole at the top.  Decorate your ornaments by sprinkling glitter on them or pressing small beads or rhinestones or sequins in the dough before baking.

Bake the ornaments in the oven for an hour at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. When cool, thread a ribbon through the hole and voila! You have an ornament that your grandchild can hang on your tree or take home and hang on his tree.

Christmas Crayon Crafts for Grandchildren

Click here to see fun crayon crafts to do with kids or crayon gifts to make for them.Christmas Crayon Crafts for Grandchildren. (Say that really fast five times — quite a tongue twister, eh?)

So on Thanksgiving, I had the crayons out for a little art activity for the grandchildren.  It was highly complex.  Took lots of skill.  Patience, too.


Actually, it was just drawing around the grandkids hand and then turning the hand print into a turkey.  (That’s about as sophisticated that I get with art crafts with two-year old grandchildren.)

But that got me thinking.  Isn’t there some craft using crayons that could be made by grandchildren that could be given as a Christmas present. Indeedy there is.

But first, I must do a word-of-the-day with you.  Every heard of the word encaustic?  Nope?  Me neither.  And I’m a logophile, a word-lover extraordinaire.

Encaustic is an adjective that means painted with wax colors fixed with heat, or with any process in which colors are burned in.  Got that?  Good. Because the first idea that I found is a crayon encaustic art project.  Basically, the project consists of holding a crayon over a candle and letting the crayon drip onto a paper.  Grandchildren can do this and pop it in a frame to give to their mother or father or cousin or friend. It would be a fun project to do with grandchildren that are six years old or older.

You can make an elegant picture by melting gold or silver crayons.  Or make a Christmas-y one by melting red and green crayons. Of course your grandchild could make a lovely picture by using her favorite colored crayons. Or make a monochromatic picture with various shades of one color.  So, be sure to check out the encaustic art project.

You’ve probably made chunky crayons.  Well, here’s another idea of using up those old chunks of crayons and make them into new ones.  This site shows how to make layered crayons using baking molds and Popsicle molds. The sample is a red, white, and blue star crayon. Depending on the molds that you use, you can make some pretty neat layered crayons.  This would be a great craft activity for older elementary aged grandchildren that they could give away as Christmas gifts to friends or family members.

And this is my favorite idea that I found: making crayon initials. Basically, it’s making an ‘initial’ picture out of crayons.  The directions showed how to make the letter “M” and put it in a shadow box as a gift for a child’s school teacher. It’s one classy looking gift.  Your grandchild could make the first letter of the name of a friend or a sibling or a parent and give as a Christmas gift. It’s kinda hard to explain so you just have to check out the tutorial.

You have no idea how much I love that idea! Which got me thinking.  Maybe you could spell out the word ‘JOY’ or ‘SANTA’ or ‘Christmas’ if you had a big enough piece of cardstock. (Or maybe you could use poster board . . .) You could vary this idea and make a Christmas tree shape or candy cane or gingerbread man or house.  Let your grandchildren’s imagination go wild with this.  They could come up with something really creative!

Have you done fun crafts using chunks of crayons??

Turkey Handprint Cookies

Remember when you were in school and you would trace your hand and then use that as the body to draw a turkey?

Well, that activity is the basis for my idea for today.  Make sugar cookie turkeys out of a hand print.

Check with your local craft store to see if they have a hand-shaped cookie cutter.  If they don’t, get an empty cereal box, trace around your grandchild’s hand, and use that as a pattern for cutting out a hand shaped cookie.

After your cookies are baked, frost them with a chocolate brown frosting. Then, make several different colors of frosting and frost each finger a different color to make colorful ‘feathers.’

Or, you can use small, colorful candies or candy corn on your fingers. You could use strips of colorful licorice (if you can find it in the grocery store.) You could use M&Ms.  You could use cake decorator sprinkles. Whatever.

Then, use a chocolate chip for the eye.

Then snarf those turkey cookies down.

Don’t worry about how much of a mess you make. Or how many calories you consume. Remember, have joy in the journey (of making the cookies). The memories that your grandchildren will have while making their sugar cookie turkeys will be far more important than having a clean kitchen or not eating too many calories.



Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

printable Thanksgiving place cards on Grandma IdeasImagine: It’s Thanksgiving Day. People have started arriving. They are hungry. Milling around. You’re busy in the kitchen.

What can you have your grandchildren do that will help you out and keep them busy (and happy) until it’s time to eat?

Why–  have them make place cards!

Here are links to some that you can print out ahead of time.

Then when your grandchildren arrive, simply have them cut out the place cards, write family members’ names on the cards, and place the cards around the table. That’s doable, isn’t it?  That’s what I thought.

Using Thanksgiving style place cards adds to the theme of your table setting and decoration.  Makes your table look festive. And keeps grandchildren busy.

That’s a winning combination if you ask me . . .

If you have had your grandchildren make place cards for Thanksgiving, please post a comment and share your ideas!

Thanksgiving Twister for Grandchildren

Play Thanksgiving Twister with your family after your Thanksgiving dinner. Free printable.My kids enjoyed playing Twister when they were growing up.

Sheesh, I enjoyed it, too.

Which got me thinking.

How could I turn Twister into a Thanksgiving Twister. (Cue sound track from Jeopardy.)

Ta da! It didn’t take me long to come up with an idea. Why not replace the colored circles with Thanksgiving pictures? Why not indeed! Continue reading

Edible Thanksgiving Crafts To Do With Grandchildren

Oreo TurkdyRemember my Oreo Turkey post?

Boy howdy! They were a challenge for me to make.

They seem to want to fall over all of the time.

Placement of the candy corn feathers had something to do with that, so I’ve been told.

While they are really cute, I think I’ll find an easier way to make them. Continue reading