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Are you the kind of person that puts up her Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving? I’m not. I’m usually trying to recuperate from all of the standing-on-my-feet-fixing-the-Thanksgiving-meal instead of decorating for Christmas. Well, regardless of whether or not you have your tree up, you can still have an activity […]

Simple Tree Ornaments

Last minute Thanksgiving ideas.
Yikes!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Are you ready?  Are your pies baked? And your rolls? (I’m assuming that your turkey is thawed . . .) House cleaned?  Silver polished? Decorations out? If you are looking for last minute Thanksgiving ideas, I have just the thing for you.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

printable Thanksgiving place cards on Grandma Ideas
Imagine: It’s Thanksgiving Day. People have started arriving. They are hungry. Milling around. You’re busy in the kitchen. What can you have your grandchildren do that will help you out and keep them busy (and happy) until it’s time to eat? Why–  have them make place cards! Here are links […]

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards