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Do you realize that Thanksgiving will be here in a little over a week? Gulp! Somehow, it still feels like it will be in the nebulous future. Sometime not soon. Like I really won’t have to think about it until oh say in 3-4 weeks. How did it sneak up […]

Party in Your PJs #183

This was featured at the Party in Your PJs link party.
I live out in the county where houses are not close together. That means that on Halloween night parents have to drive their children around if they want to come to our house for trick or treating. When our children were young, that’s what parents did. Now, families in our […]

Party in Your PJs # 182

This was featured at the Party in Your PJs link party.
Happy Halloween, everybody! Got great plans for the day? (I headed up to Salt Lake City this morning to get my longarm quilting machine back from the repair shop . . . not exactly a Halloween activity but I’ll be glad to get it back!) Will your grandkids be coming […]

Party in Your PJs #181

The beach at Cabo San Lucas.
Today, I won’t have any features. Why not? you ask.¬†Are you just a lazy bum and don’t want to do features? Well, I am lazy but that’s not the reason. Are you on your death bed? No. (Thank goodness!) Are you in labor and having a baby? Good heavens NO! […]

Party in Your PJs #180