7 Adorable Fall Printables for Kids

(This is a guest post written by Karli Jaenike. Psst… I really like the joke teller. You can find some kid appropriate jokes here for it. Thanks Karli for writing this post!)

7 adorable fall printables for kids

Fall is officially upon us. What better time to snuggle up with your loved ones for some quality time? Whether you’re getting together to celebrate a spooky holiday or preparing to gather around the table for a holiday feast, it’s always a good time to craft!

Get your kiddos into the autumn spirit with these family-friendly printable crafts. You and your grandkids will have hours of fun crafting play things or cute decor items for the house!

The great thing about these crafts is that they are easy—so easy. Just print them out and add some flair of your own. They are ideal for children of all ages and can be done on their own or as a group. It’s also a great bonding activity between grandparents and grandchildren!

From fun fall masks to finger puppets, the easy DIY instructions can guide hours of family fun, even for those who might not be as crafty. Enjoy!

DIY Leaf Animals

Use a leaf from outside as a base or simply print out the provided template and get to decorating! Turn the leafs into animals using the provided eyes, ears, and noses! Click here for the printable.

leaf animal craft

Halloween Joke Teller

Much like the schoolyard game, this joke teller allows the users to write fun predictions or jokes inside! Just print them out, fold them up, and laugh your hearts out. Click here for the printable. 

Halloween joke teller


I’m Thankful For Pages

These sweet printables remind children of the real reason for the season! Have everyone at the table fill them out for a bonding experience over gratitude. You can also color the pages. Click here for the printable.

I am thankful for


Thankful Turkey

These printable turkeys can be decorated with our paper feathers, craft feathers, or leaves to create a cute decoration for the mantle! Click here for the printable.

Thankful turkey


Coloring Placemat

Keep the kiddos occupied with these activity placemats! Click here for the printable.

Coloring placemats


Turkey Party Hats

These adorable turkey party hats are the perfect topper for little heads, or they work great as place settings too! Simply print out, fold and decorate! Click here for the printable.


Turkey party hats


Turkey Finger Puppet

Put on an after-dinner show with these easy to make turkey finger puppets! Click here for your printable.


Turkey finger puppet

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