A New Giveaway for a New Year

Deliberate Motherhood: 12 Key Powers of Peace Purpose, Order and Joy is a book that provides insights into the challenge of being a mother in today's world.Happy New Year! I hope that your Christmas and New Year’s holiday were filled with fun times with your family. Mine were!

This new year brings a new giveaway with it! (I love giveaways! They are great.)

How many times, Dear Reader, have you vowed to be a better mother? To be more loving toward your children? To be more patient? (I gave up working on patience when my oldest child was only 3 months old . . .)

New Year’s is a time when mothers resolve to be better and do better. And with this giveaway one lucky winner will get something extra special to help make her desires come true.

One lucky person will win a copy of the book Deliberate Motherhood: 12 Key Powers of Peace, Purpose, Order & Joy. All you have to do to enter is post a comment about one of your fond memories of your own mother.

In this book, more than 60 excellent writers have come together to share their wisdom, insight, and inspiration about being a mother in today’s world. The book explains 12 “powers:” acceptance, love, patience, individuality, intention, progress, balance, priorities, organization, fun, optimism, and the power of moments.

There is one main ‘article’ per chapter and then a plethora of snippets of wisdom and insights that other mothers have about that topic. The book is easy to read and very enjoyable and will help a mother to be firmly grounded and choose deliberately what type of mother she will be to her children. (Was that a run-on sentence or what?)

This book is sponsored by the website The Power of Moms which was founded by April Perry and Saren Loosli. Several years ago as they gathered ideas to help them in their efforts to be good mothers, they realized the importance and the need that mothers have to network with each other and to help each other. So they created their website which now serves over one million mothers around the world. Isn’t that remarkable?

Question: What if I am a grandmother and not a mother? Why should I enter this giveaway?
Answer: Why to give the book to your daughter or daughter-in-law that’s why!

(You might even want to encourage your daughters and daughters-in-law to enter, too, so that their chance of winning will be increased!)

The giveaway will end at midnight on January 9. The winner will be announced on January 10th.

So, hurry now and post your comment!

23 thoughts on “A New Giveaway for a New Year

  • Jessi

    Both of my grandmothers played a big role in my life. They were loving, patient and kind. My kids don’t have their grandmothers in their lives much, so I am trying to be that kind of warm, loving grandma for their children. I just found this site today!

  • Kate

    My favorite memory of my mom is reading with her, sitting in her lap, cuddling and listening to the words. The memory is soft and warm and filled with love.

  • Ruth Sharon

    Hi, I am a grandma and just finished a 3 generation book with my daughter and granddaughter and would love to see what you have put together. Please enter me in the drawing!
    You can order our book “Be Your Best Self: Yoga for Families” on http://www.FamilyYoga.net and on Amazon as a book and Kindle.
    Be well. Thanks for all your good work!
    Happy 2013.

  • Lucy

    Mum is my angel in heaven now, but I remember just holdings hands with her when her sister passed away. I was 25 at the time. No words, just holding hands. My darling daughter has no grandma in her life now but she was very privileged to have known my mum for four precious years xoxo

  • Mandee

    My mom was fun and silly. I always loved how she would decorate the house for each holiday and occasion. Always mindful and giving to those in need.

  • Kim Kjar

    My mom is the most giving person I know. She drops everything when any of her children need her. She lives 600 miles away but has come to help me with each time I had a baby.

  • Jennifer

    My fondest memory of my mom was when she would pick me up after school, especially on the days where we had planned that I would walk home. I was a shy child who didn’t have a lot of friends, so often I would end up walking home alone and lonely. It was a wonderful, warm moment when I would walk out of school and see her in the car, ready to get me.

  • Suzy

    My Mom is an awesome Gram to my kids. She was also a amazing Mom,and my best friend. But we always knew where the line was between friend and Mom.

  • Kristin

    One of my favorite memories of my mom was when she came to see me and my new daughter in the hospital when the baby was just hours old. It wasn’t her first grandchild, but it was my first baby, and my love for my mom increased as I understood a little more about her love for me.

    I also loved that she snuck a fresh raspberry milk shake into my room. 🙂

  • Marlene Fredricks

    I remember always coming home to my Mamma waiting up for me and her being available for long talks, no matter how late they went on.

  • Carrie S.

    Somehow I posted before I could leave my memory….some of my favorite memories of my mom are crafting with her. We tease her that her basement is “Hobby Lobby Jr.” I never buy new craft supplies without checking there first! 🙂

  • Kathy T

    This made me miss my Mother. I would love to read this book and share with my daughter and daughter in laws, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Peggy Edinburgh

    The holidays brought a lot of precious memories of my mom to mind. She loved to bake and cook for the holidays. She would start planning months ahead of time, making a list of favorites and new things to try. A menu was kept on the refrigerator that she would check off as each thing was prepared to make sure nothing was forgotten. Lots of love went into those meals and even when I use the same recipes, it just never seems the same.

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