A Quick Birthday Idea and a Craft

A week ago, our friend’s son got married.  We went to the reception. In Canada. Drove 2206.6 miles. My arrivederci was way tired of sitting in the car by the time we got home. Whew!

While visiting them, I spied a couple of things that I wanted to share with you.

Isn’t this absolutely darling?!  These little cupcake fellas would certainly be a hit at a grandchild’s birthday party.  And, they would be easy to make.

Then, I saw these little pots. Such a simple craft and so cute. Easy for grandchildren to make (and this grandma, too).

3 thoughts on “A Quick Birthday Idea and a Craft

  • Brenda

    this is a cute idea,but what are the eyes made of.I know some is frosting on the cupcake and a little on the twinkie face.like the smile
    ,and around the eye just don’t know whats the eyes are help me .I think this is very cute and have grandchildren that would love this also at church.

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