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When I found out that my husband and I were going to become grandparents, I was elated!

I squealed with delight.

I jumped for joy.

I turned cartwheels. (Well, at least figuratively.)

Because I loved my grandmothers, I couldn’t wait until I became one myself.

Shortly afterwards, I booted up my computer and searched for ideas on the Internet of fun things that a grandmother could do with her grandchildren. Know how much I found? Zip. Nada. Nothing.

What I did find were post after post of women agonizing over what they wanted their grandchildren to call them.  What’s wrong with just plain ‘Grandma?’ I wondered. What’s all the fuss about?


I was FAR more concerned about what my grandchildren and I would do together than what name they called me.

Being a lover of technology, I decided that I would remedy the situation and create a website that had lots of ideas of activities that grandmothers and grandchildren could do together that would strengthen their relationship.

This is that site.

My vision of my site was to create a resource of ideas that grandmothers could turn to, that they could use. Ideas that were easy and inexpensive. Ideas like:

I’m grateful that you are here. On my site. Reading about me.

I hope that you, Dear Reader, will be able to find some ideas here that appeal to you. That the activities you find — and do with your grandchildren — will develop a strong loving bond. That your relationship with your grandchildren will be deep, strong, enriching, satisfying, and rewarding. (I don’t ask much now, do I?)

With warmest regards,

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Got any wonderful ideas that you would like to share? Know of a great site that would bring happiness to all of my grandmas readers? Got any good, easy, healthy recipes that grandmothers can make with grandchildren?  Got any activities that are favorites with your grandchildren?  Got milk?  (I couldn’t resist that . . .)

If so, shoot me an e-mail message so that I can share, share, share.  Isn’t that what life is all about?

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