Nina Lewis

This patriotic bird house was featured at the link party Party in Your PJs.
I am not a very patient person. Especially when I’m waiting for warm weather to come. I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for spring weather to come to my neck of the woods. But we have had weeks of overcast, chilly, and rainy weather. You’d think that we lived […]

Party in Your PJs #159

Here are directions to make the easiest ever piñata!
Have you ever made paper mache with flour and water? It is one of the messiest activities EVER!! Yuck! And it takes so long for it to dry that you can’t complete your craft very quickly. We were babysitting the grandkids a little while ago and I decided on the […]

Easiest Ever Piñata!

This lemon cake was featured at the Party in Your PJs link party.
I got the most exciting Mother’s Day present. Our daughter told us that she is expecting! Wahoo! Double wahoo! That is down right the best news ever. She has had a hard time getting pregnant. But this time is different. No endless doctor appointments. No outrageously expensive medicines or procedures. […]

Party in Your PJs #158

This mason jar succulent pot craft was featured at Party in Your PJs.
Last week I went to a quilting expo in Salt Lake City. (That expo is quickly becoming my favorite activity to go to!) There were lots and lots of beautiful quilts there!  I am in awe of the skill and talent that those women had to piece the quilt top […]

Party in Your PJs #157

These lollipop flowers were featured at the Party in Your PJs link party.
As many of you know, I work at a university. Last week was finals. Then came graduation. I am responsible for all of the AV for our College’s convocation. Plus a few other details like lights at the speaker’s podium, making sure the risers are all even and level, that […]

Party in Your PJs #156

This was featured in my Party in Your PJs link party.
Today’s word of the day: pluvious. Pluvious is an adjective that means rainy. Today is pluvious. Yesterday was pluvious. Weather predictions indicate it will be pluvious for the rest of the week. That makes for a soggy day in the neighborhood. Today, I’m pretending that I live in Seattle — and […]

Party in Your PJs #155