Balloon People

Kids love making balloon people! They are easy and quick.Kids love balloons.

There’s just something about them that speaks to grandkids’ love of fun. (Even old geezers like me enjoy them — referring to both balloons and grandkids!)


If you’re looking for something for the grandkiddos to do during the summer, have them make a flock of balloon people!

They’re easy to make. They’re cheap. And, you can make lots of them in mere minutes.

Here’s what you’ll need:

balloons of various sizes
construction paper

Balloon people are easy and cheap to make. Keep kids busy during the summer making a whole bunch of them.

First, print out my balloon people feet pattern. If you are using water balloons, use the small-sized pattern. For bigger balloons, use the bigger one.

Next, cut some feet out of construction paper. If your balloon is extra big, use card stock paper. It is heavier and will work better to hold the balloon upright.

Balloon people are fun for kids to make.

Now, use two pieces of tape to tape the balloon to the feet. Put one piece on the back side of the balloon and one on the front.

Kids will have fun during the summer making these balloon people.

Draw faces on the balloons.

Have your kids make a whole bunch of balloon people. They're fun to make!!

You can draw features on the shoes such as shoelaces, buckles, and bows.

Don’t feel like you’re an artist to draw faces and features? Not to worry! Whatever you draw will add character and spice to your balloon people.

Aren’t these just the sweetest ever? Awwwww . . .

These balloon folks were so interested in what I was saying about them that they sat by my computer as I wrote.

They jumped for joy when they saw their pictures. But the yellow one kept laying down. That lazy little rascal! (Maybe the red one was pushing him over when my back was turned . . . )

Kids can make balloon people in a matter of minutes and have hours of fun playing with them.

Want your balloon people to have pets?

Make things like balloon doggies, kitties, or rabbits. Simply cut out ears or beaks and tape them to the balloons. Draw whiskers. Add feathers for birds. Your grandkids can be as creative as they want in creating the pets.

You can also use these as place settings on your table for different events or holidays. You can make balloon pumpkins and turkeys, leprechauns or Yankee Doodle Dandies by adding a few props.

Hope you have some rip snortin’ fun with your grandkids making these balloon people!

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