Celebrating A Grandchild’s Birthday

birthdayOne of my friends is an English teacher

(Actually, I have MANY friends that are English teachers!!)

But this particular one shared with me what she does when a grandchild has a birthday.

On their birthday, she takes them to the local bookstore. They browse through the age appropriate books and then (under her wise guidance and tutelage) she lets them select 5 books. After she purchases the books, they head out to a local eatery of the grandchild’s choice and have lunch. Just the two of them. What a great way to celebrate a birthday!

The other day I read that the week before Thanksgiving is National Children’s Book Week. What a great time to share this birthday idea and to encourage grandparents everywhere to find ways to instill a love of books and a love for reading with their grandchildren.

two_moonsI read Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech to our kids as we were driving home from a vacation. (It was the Newbery Medal winner in 1995.) We still had several pages left to read when we pulled into the garage. We scurried out of the car to the patio so that I could finish reading the book to the kids. When we were finished, we went back to the car and started unloading it.

Walk Two Moons is a story about thirteen-year-old Salamanca Tree Hiddle whose mother has disappeared. Sal sets across the United States with her Grams and Gramps in an effort to find her mother. She entertains her grandparents with stories of her friend, Phoebe, who sees “lunatics” around every corner. During this pilgrimage, everyone’s “story” is told — stories that are humorous and poignant.

This would be a great gift to give a pre-adolescent girl. It would be a great book to read to a granddaughter as she stayed overnight on a week-end. It would be a great book to discuss with a granddaughter. It’s just plain down and out a great book! (You know, my sons enjoyed the book just as much as my daughter did. So don’t hesitate to share it with boys, too.)

If you have any ideas about celebrating a grandchild’s birthday, please feel free to share it here!