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MScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 5.44.18 PMany families have the tradition at Christmastime of giving their children new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

(I wanted to create that tradition in my family but for various reasons never did…)

The delightful children’s book The Great PJ Elf Chase is a story about a family that has that tradition.

Here’s the plot . . . .

Meet the Taylor family. While the boys take their baths on Christmas Eve, Santa’s elves deliver new pajamas outside the bathroom door.

The brothers want to catch the elves who deliver the pajamas. They know the elves are sneaky and quick. Nobody has ever seen them.

The brothers want to change that. They can be sneaky, too. They want to catch the elves.

They set traps and even enlist McGee, their pet dog, with the hope that he will bark if he sees or hears anything suspicious.

Then come all of their escapades!

After the bath, they do find their pajamas. But the elves made a mess in the boys’ bedroom. The boys are off to check their traps.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.37.02 PMWill they succeed? Will they catch the elves?

I’m not gonna tell! You’ll have to read it to find out.

The authors, Judy Voigt and Karen LoBello, are former teachers. They wrote the rhyming children’s picture book (for children ages 3 to 10) based on their own family tradition.

The book is a B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree, a Readers’ Favorite five-star review recipient, and a 2014 finalist in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards.

The book is available as a paperback, hardcover, and Kindle version. The paperback and Kindle version are available on Amazon.

They authors are currently running a special for the hardcover and activity book. You can get both of them for $22.95 on their website.

They also have a few activities on their website — coloring pages, finding the candy cane that is different, decorating a Christmas tree, and finishing a picture of Santa.

I will be giving away a copy of this book to one of my lucky readers Whoopee!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment and mention one of your family’s Christmas traditions.

The giveaway will go until midnight on October 23.

I will announce the winner on October 24.

You could start a great tradition with your grandchildren of reading this book to them during the Christmas holiday season. I can see it now — grandma snuggling with grandchildren on the couch, reading the book, and nibbling cookies. Sipping a cup of hot cocoa would be good, too!

So, post a comment to enter to win your copy of this fun children’s book.

Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Book Giveaway

  • Sue

    Hi Nina,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful website with all of the fun and creative ideas you regularly provide. It’s like having my own personal assistant for all the things I want to do with and for our sweet grandchildren! (I’m especially appreciative because I am still working and don’t have the time to find all of these fun/creative activities.)

    Since we are on the west coast and our young grandchildren (2 1/2, 1/1/2 and newborn) are on the east coast, we are starting a new Christmas reading tradition. We buy a book (or send an old favorite), record ourselves (Papa and me) reading and/or acting out the story, place the video on Youtube (private settings), mail the book to the grand kids and when they get the book, they can read along with us – whenever they want – all through December! We will also do this with their children’s Bible and pick parts of the Christmas story to read and act out. I have a copy of the same children’s Bible at our home.

    Again, many thanks for the work that you do Nina!

  • Kathy HIATT

    We love nativities. So we fill every room in our home with them plus have all the children, now it’s grandchildren, dress up like nativity characters and read Luke 2 before anyone opens presents.

  • Betty

    My sisters and I with out families get together every Christmas eve (Nochebuena) and have a big dinner, play games, and exchange gifts since we do not see each other on Christmas day. I give my grandchildren a new Christmas pajama and then we go caroling around the neighborhood. This year my grandchildren will be at my house Christmas morning for the first time ever, and I would love to have this book to read to them before they go to bed Christmas eve.
    I love your blog and have used many of your wonderful ideas, thank you.

  • Michelle Krawchik

    Our tradition is now that my niece and I make the “Yule Log” together to share at our Christmas Eve dinner. This is followed by the reading of the Nativity and hanging of stockings.

  • Melissa

    Growing up my children loved hearing stories and especially Holiday themed ones! Your blog keeps me up to date and this book looks darling….be so fun to read and share with my litte grandsons! Our son serves in the Army and they live in Alaska…so I mail boxes to them every month with little things….
    A Gram living in DC

  • Kathie Gordon

    For the family, we would read a new Christmas story each year on Christmas eve. My children each got a new ornament of their own each year. When we took down the tree, they had their own boxes to pack away their ornaments. When they got married, it was easy for them to take their ornaments with them to begin their tree with their spouse. And the Christmas stories are being re-read to the grandchildren.

  • Molly Anderson

    We take one evening to drive around and enjoy the Christmas lights and sing Christmas songs as we drive.

  • Nikki Giovanni

    I have 24 different Christmas picture books. Each year, I wrap them in pretty wrapping paper and put them in a basket. I use them as a countdown until Christmas. Each night, my kids take turns picking a book from the basket and unwrapping it. We read it together as a family. They enjoy hearing the stories again as they wait for Christmas to come.

  • Jane Ross

    We love Christmas and we like to start the season on Thanksgiving night! Prior to Thanksgiving, my husband and I pre-make miniature gingerbread houses. After Thanksgiving dinner and before dessert, the children decorate their houses to take home while parents are digesting their dinner. They love it and I’ve been doing it now for my great nieces and nephews since my children and their cousins are older now . This year is going to be super special because I now have 2 new granddaughters to start the tradition with! It doesn’t get any better than that!

  • Janet Hovey

    I love to sew, but it’s hard for me to fit all the kids ( I have 8 grandkids, from 11 to 11, so I started making pjs for them. We have them come over the Sunday before Christmas and I give them the pjs, all matching, sizes are ok since they are pajamas. We have a candy house decorating project and we play games and have hot chocolate. We love it!

  • Jeanene

    Recently we started giving each family a Christmas book just after Thanksgiving, that they can enjoy with their family during the Christmas season. This would be a wonderful book for that! I loved reading about the special Christmas traditions that have been shared.

  • Joyce

    We used to have grandpa read The Night Before Christmas to all the grandkids on Christmas eve. Last year that changed when this grandma bought mouse finger puppets for all the kids. As I read the story, beginning with “not even a mouse,” they were told to hold up their mice whenever that word was heard. I free lanced inserting it into the story randomly and the result was kids on the edge of their seats and shrieks of laughter throughout the entire story!

  • Andrea Jolley

    We used to give an ornament each year to the kids, that way when they left home they had some great memories for their own tree. After they put on their ornament I would read them a special Christmas story. Then we as a family provided a Christmas pageant for the elderly in our area. We did this with a neighbor and their kids. Our kids still remember how much fun it was. I wish we could still do that service. It was awesome.

  • Robin

    I too love books and try to incorporate them into the holidays with my grandchildren and adult children.

    A tradition I carried on with my family is a Christmas tree decorating party the first week in December. We have pizza ready when they come, we have the tree up, decorations in the living room and my husband preps the lights. We have simple Christmas games for the kids with small wrapped presents and hot chocolate and cookies. (We live in Florida so I turn the AC to about 68 to keep us in the mood!

    This year I bought The Night Before Christmas recordable book at Walmart and had each couple retreat to the back room and each record a page. On Christmas Eve we had the book out for the kids to read and play with. The kids were thrilled to hear their Parents and Aunts and Uncles voices reading to them.

    I also have books as a big part of visiting Grama and send my grands a book every holiday. This book would be a great addition to our reding times!!!!

    A book loving Grama in Florida

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