Busting the Myths About Retirement

Grandma Ideas: This is my outdoor office. Isn't it beautiful?This is my office. Well, my outdoor office. At home.

I would be there right this very minute as I write this post — except there is thunder and lightening and rain and it’s too chilly for me.

Wimpy me.

Enough of me. Lemme tell you what the folks at Erickson Living is up to now. It’s so clever, so fun!

Do you remember the video that they did about Santa’s retirement? Take a moment to watch it. It is totally delightful. Totally!

Have you seen the one where their filmed the residents’ grandchildren about what they would want to do when they retired?


Well. They recently (like on Thursday) unveiled their most recent video. It’s another winner!

Erickson Living has another clever video with cute kids who 'bust' the myths about retirement living.The grandkids talk about all the reasons why they don’t want to live in a retirement community. They tell all of the reasons that their grandparents would use.

I adore the little girl who said that she isn’t made of money!

And the boy who says he can’t possibly downsize. Darling, darling, darling!

And the one that says, “Leave my house?” That sure hits home to me. I wouldn’t have my “office” any more!

Watch their video as Erickson Living debunks some of the myths about living in a retirement community.

Aren’t those kids precious?

I’ve checked out their community in Florida. (Leaving the snowy winters of Utah and living in the sunshine state sounds really appealing to me.)

That community has a lovely swimming pool, a 65,000 square foot club house, and gourmet restaurants. Sweet!

The closer I get to retirement, the more appealing Erickson Living communities are to me!

Thanks, Erickson Living, for such a delightful video!

(NOTE: I did not receive any remuneration from Erickson Living.)