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draw1a(Note: I was given a free copy of this card game for review. However, it did not influence my opinion in any way.)

Dear Readers, can you stand yet another giveaway?

I sure hope so because I have a fun game to give away to one lucky person.
The game is called Pick and Draw. It’s a one-of-a-kind game that is based on drawing.

The aim of the game (what a delightful rhyme, eh?) is to draw a cartoon face.

There are 5 groups of cards: face, nose, eyes, mouth, and hair.

To play, divide the cards into tPack and Draw game on Grandma Ideashe various groups. Shuffle each group individually.

Turn the cards face down. Players take turns selecting a card starting with the face cards.

On a piece of paper, players draw the shape that is on the card. They continue taking turns drawing cards until they have taken one card from each category and they have drawn a complete cartoon face.

Think you aren’t an artist? Don’t worry! Don’t fret! The objects on the card are easy to draw – easy enough that even little ol’ me can draw them and create a decent looking cartoon face. (That says a lot since it’s a challenge for me to draw a stick figure . . .)

In this card game, there isn’t a winner or a loser. Wahoo! I like that. Everybody wins because they have drawn a cartoon face.

Rich Davis, the game creator, is a freelance children’s book illustrator with Penguin Putnam. He has illustrated 9 books. He has also designed greeting cards for over 20 years. He travels to public libraries and elementary schools to draw with kids and to talk about creativity and imagination.

The Pick and Draw card game would be a great activity to do after your Thanksgiving dinner when you are too stuffed (pun intended) to do anything very physically demanding. It would be fun to play at a family Christmas party, a birthday party, on a hot summer day, on a rainy or snowy day, on a I’m-bored-outta-my-gourd-and-there’s-nothing-to-do kind of day with a grandchild.

The bottom line is that ANY time is a good time to play this game.

The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities on Grandma IdeasThis card game isn’t the only thing that Mr. Davis has developed. He has also compiled The Big Book of Pick and Draw Activities.

The activities in the book align with the common core standards.

If you are an elementary school teacher – or you know one – this would be a great resource book to use with your students at school.

This game would be a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas for a family or grandchild. Or a birthday present for a grandchild. Or a gift that you give yourself so that you can have the game on hand to play when your grandchildren come over to visit.

Now. On to the giveaway.

To win this card game, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell what card game you played as a child.

You have until midnight on November 23 to make a comment. I will announce the winner on November 24.

Thanks in advance for participating in my giveaway!

23 thoughts on “Card Game Giveaway

  • Dotty

    I am excited about this game. Going to purchase it for my granddaughter for Christmas. If I win it, I will either give it to middle school age grandson or donate to occupational therapy.

  • Betty Jo Crane

    I enjoyed playing Parcheesi with my siblings. I would always play chess with my friend. We had a magnetic set that use used so we could play on the bus ride to school.

  • Brandon Peacock

    This game looks to be quite imaginative and enjoyable for young and old members of the family. I like the prospect of keeping the kids attuned and entertained during all players turns of a game.

  • Julie

    My parents started us young with pinochle. By jr high I think they realized I was a lost cause and we turned to euchre. Still playing every time we see them.

  • Lindy

    I’m from a big family of 8 kids and growing up there was very little money but we always had cards, my favorite games were war and old maid, my dad’s favorite game was 52 pick up.. Not so much fun for us kids, lol… Monday night is family game night at my sons house, he has 6 kids and this would be a great game to play.
    Thanks.. Sure hope I win????????????

  • Joyce

    What a great idea for a card game. Kids would love this!
    My sisters and I played Old Maid – we took it very seriously because the Old Maid card always had bent corners. Our youngest sister would cry if she lost and we would have vicious skirmishes over pulling the last of two cards!

  • Debbie Taggart

    This looks like lots of fun, I hope I win! We played Old Maid and War when I was a kid. And as a family we loved to play Pit!

  • Nancy

    This looks like a marvelous game. I know my grandchildren would love it… and so would I! And we use lots of your ideas around here :)!

    The card games I remember from childhood are Go Fish, Solitaire and Old Maid.

  • Lynn Maher

    We hardly ever played card games. “War” is the only one I remember.
    This looks like so much fun. My grandson would love it!
    Thanks for all the gift ideas.

  • Andrea jolley

    Out family loved to play games. One of our favorite card game was MileBorne driving game. You get to put flat tires, out of gas, and speed limit cards on your opponents pile of cards.
    Of course the author game.

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