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Cat in the Hat activities for kids     GrandmaIdeas.comLast Friday night, my husband and I went to Seussical (which is a Broadway musical).  I didn’t know anything about it. But, boy oh boy, am I glad we went!

The cast did a phenomenal job of singing and acting.  The costumes were so bright, funky, and clever.  And the music was so toe-tapping-makes-you-wanna-get-up-and-dance!

The little community theater that put it on did a tremendous job.  (If you’re in the neighborhood of Oren, Utah, I highly recommend that you get tickets and see it.)

I have purchased many of Dr. Seuss’ books.  And have read them many, many, many, many times to our children.  And I was so glad because there were lots of subtle references to other Dr. Suess’ book besides Cat in the Hat that added humor and delight to the musical.  I think it would be fun to get the soundtrack so I could play it and sing at the top of my lungs (which capacity is amazingly pathetic) with my grandchildren.  And dance while singing, too.

There was a little girl about 8 years old at the play.  She sat in the second row hugging a stuffed animal.  I would love to take my grandchildren to see this musical when they are a little bit older — if it was playing somewhere nearby.  If you get a chance, I would recommend that you take your grandchildren to see it.

Saturday, I happened to drop by a local fabric store.  They had a sign on their door saying they had Dr. Seuss material.   That got my grandma brain a-thinkin’.

Hold Cat in the Hat activities for your grandchildren!  (Or an activity based on any of Dr. Seuss’ books.)  Here are some activities you could do.

  • You could purchase some Dr. Seuss fabric and make book bags, shorts, skirts, bookmarks, or pillowcases for your grandchildren.  (You could have your grandchildren sew these items if they are old enough to use a sewing machine.)
  • Play games and do activities on Seussville with your grandchildren.
  • Print up Cat in the Hat coloring pages or these coloring pages.
  • Make some of these Dr. Seuss snacks and treats. (I love the green eggs and ham idea!)
  • Order some items from the Oriental Trading Company like Cat in the Hat bookmarks, stickers, or window clings.
  • Make these activity blocks.  (This woman cut her own wooden blocks.  Methinks you could probably find them already made at a craft store.  What do you think??)
  • You might want to buy a Cat in the Hat accessory kit that has a hat, tie, and gloves for grandchildren to dress up in.
  • Buy copies of The Cat in the Hat to give to your grandchildren that don’t have the book.

Have you done any Cat in the Hat activities with your grandchildren?

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