4th of July

These Patriotic Pops are a super easy treat to make - wet marshmallows, roll in dry Jell-O, and put on a sucker stick!
It’s always fun to have food that ‘matches’ an activity that you’re having. A red, white, and blue treat is wonderful to serve on  the 4th of July — or any other patriotic holiday for that matter. These red, white, and blue patriotic pops fit that bill. Aren’t they cuties? I think so. And are […]

Patriotic Pops

Float at the 4th of July Parade in Provo, Utah
As our kids were growing up, we had a tradition of going to their grandma’s to celebrate the 4th of July. (There were lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles, too.) She lived 1/2 block from the parade route. We’d go early to save a spot in the shade. After the […]

4th of July Parade Scavenger Hunt

I love vintage stuff. (Is it because I am vintage myself??) Whatever. Here are a few vintage patriotic pictures that you could download and use as place cards at your 4th of July dinner with your grandkids. Or put in picture frames, Or, you could have your grandkids put together […]

Vintage Patriotic Pictures

Here are some free patriotic printables for your craft or DIY project.
For quite a few years, I have been very patriotic. Long before it was “in.” I have even decorated one of our bathrooms with patriotic wall hangings. I am so grateful to the men and women who have served in the military and especially those who gave their lives while […]

Patriotic Printables