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Vintage Patriotic Pictures

Free printables for vintage patriotic images. Great for 4th of July craft projects.I love vintage stuff. (Is it because I am vintage myself??) Whatever.

Here are a few vintage patriotic pictures that you could download and use as place cards at your 4th of July dinner with your grandkids.

Or put in picture frames, Or, you could have your grandkids put together a patriotic booklet with them.

Or, you could make coasters. Or, make place mats out of them. Or, print small copies and put them in the bottom of muffin tins for a bean bag toss.

You, Dear Reader, are so clever, clever that I’m sure you could find many ways to use these fun vintage pictures. Continue reading

Patriotic Printables

Here are some free patriotic printables for your craft or DIY project.For quite a few years, I have been very patriotic. Long before it was “in.”

I have even decorated one of our bathrooms with patriotic wall hangings.

I am so grateful to the men and women who have served in the military and especially those who gave their lives while fighting for our freedoms. So, patriotic holidays have a special meaning for me.

The 4th of July will be here in a just a moment or two.  Wahoo! Have you got plans to celebrate it with the grandkiddos? Continue reading

Easy Christmas Decorations to Make with Grandchildren

Every Christmas at work, we have a decoration competition. Each area tries to create the best decorations. In the past, there hasn’t been any out of the ordinary or unusually creative decorations. Until this year.

One area is making their cubicles look like a gingerbread house. They covered their cubicle walls with brown butcher paper. Then, they made this clever “Merry Christmas” decoration.

 Make these easy Christmas decorations with the kiddos.

To make these, fan-fold a piece of white paper. Pinch it together to make a bow tie shape. Tape the bottom part of the bow together. This will make a half-circle that is fan-folded. Do this to a second piece of paper. Then, tape the two pieces together to create the white circle.

Then, they cut out red circles. Tape them over the center of the white fan-folded circles. Cut out white letters to spell Merry Christmas. Then taped the letters on the red circles. Easy. Clever!

The students also made a big pieces of “candy” to decorate their gingerbread house.

To make them, get Styrofoam paper plates. Wrap in colorful tissue paper. Gather the ends of the paper and tie with curling ribbon. If that isn’t easy, I don’t know what is.

Maybe you could make a “gingerbread” house like this, too, and put it on a wall in your family room. Get some brown butcher paper. Cut out the shape of a house. Draw a door, windows, and roof. Add a brick design if  you want. then, make some of these candies and tape to the roof of your gingerbread house. (Depending on the size of your gingerbread house, you might want to make smaller pieces of candy out of smaller paper plates.)

Or, you could draw a house on a brown poster board and hot glue real candy to the house to decorate it. Both would be fun for grandchildren to make with their grandmother!

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4th of July Roundup of Ideas

Last week, I was out of town to a conference for work. I should have been organized and should have written up ideas of 4th of July activities that you can do with your grandchildren before I left. Key word phrase there is “should  have.” Alas, I wasn’t that on top of things. Sigh.

So, in the event that you aren’t ready for the big day tomorrow, here are some links to previous posts of ideas of what you can do to have a fun time with the grandkids as you celebrate the founding of our nation.

Please note the titles for these posts. Aren’t the exceptionally clever and original?  :-)

Have a safe and happy 4th of July — and PLEASE be extremely cautious with fireworks. There are way too many fires in my state (and surrounding states).