Birthday Ideas

Here is a fabulous idea of a birthday presnet for a child!
Do you think it is hard to come up with an idea for birthday gifts for your grandchildren? And Christmas gifts, too? There’s always the possibility that you will get the same gift that their parents or the other set of grandparents got. And that would be a bummer. Trust […]

Gifts for Grandchildren

Serve dinosaur eggs at a dinosaur themed party or activity for kids.
Dinosaurs. My pets when I was growing up in the Mesozoic Era. So it is only natural that I was delighted when I learned that our grandson’s birthday party would have a dinosaur theme. His party started out with a dinosaur ‘dig.’ Pieces of a toy dinosaurs were hidden in […]

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Tomorrow is our grandson’s third birthday.  How exciting!  We’ll be driving to his house for his birthday celebration. I can’t wait. I’ve got a pocketful of kisses to give him and his cute sister — and the other grandchildren who will be there. Since I’ve got birthdays on my brain, […]

Celebrating Grandchildren’s Birthday

Party on a string is a fun activity -- especially for tween and teenaged kids.
It never ceases to amaze me just many creative people there are in the world.  Like my nephew’s wife, Stephanie. She did a little activity for my daughter-in-law, Lisa, that I thought was spectacularly fun.  I want to share it here (of course) so that you, my Dear Readers, could […]

Party on a String