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Where is Robin is a children's picture book by Robin Barone.
Do you remember the computer game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Did you ever get it for your kids? The elementary school had it so while our kids enjoyed it at school they wanted different games at home. No skin off my nose! It saved me from buying […]

Where is Robin Book Review

The children's book shows that girls can be super heroes, too! A must read for all girls.
(NOTE: I was given a copy of this book to review. But all of my opinions are mine.) Have you heard about the ‘Disney princess effect’? In a nutshell, it is how the Disney princesses impact young girls by subtly teaching them that their worth is based more on their physical […]

Nina the Neighborhood Ninja

The children's picture book Baroque with Joy by Suzanne Brown is a fabulous introduction to baroque music!
(Note: I was given a free copy of Baroque with Joy but that did not influence my opinion.) While growing up, my exposure to classical music was sorely lacking. (But then, what do you expect for someone born in the Mesozoic era?) I vowed that it would be different with […]

Baroque with Joy