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Christmas Countdown

This Christmas countdown helps children learn their numbers -- as they anxiously await Christmas Day.I have several purposes in mind for today’s post. First, I want to share with you a Christmas countdown.

Since my grandchildren are learning their numbers, I wanted a countdown to help them with numbers.

Plus, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about grandmothers who do not live near their grandchildren. I wanted something that they could easily mail (or e-mail) to their far-away-grandchildren without having to mortgage the farm to pay the mailing costs. Continue reading

Christmas Treats and Crafts

Here are some quick and easy Christmas treats and crafts.How in the world did we ever live without the Internet?

(And cell phones, and computers, and mini iPads for that matter?)

Many of my grandma friends are not very tech savvy. Poor things!

However, technology brings glee to my life — especially when I find things on the Internet that are fun and inexpensive. Especially at Christmas time. Continue reading

Christmas Doorbell Ditch

When driving around looking at Christmas lights, play 'Christmas lights doorbell ditch' where you leave a doorknob hanger complimenting what wonderful lights that house has.Last week, I wrote about doing a Christmas light scavenger hunt with your grandchildren. That reminded me of an activity that my son and daughter-in-law have done with their children.

You’ve probably heard about doorbell ditching, haven’t you? That’s where you ring somebody’s doorbell and run away. They come to the door and nobody’s there. Not cool.

This activity is similar. Only better. It’s a kinder, gentler version of a doorbell ditch — Christmas style. Continue reading

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt with Grandchildren

Add some fun to your holidays by doing a Christmas lights scavenger hunt with your kids. Free printable.Our little community has a pond. Not a lake. A pond

At Christmas time, the city floats rafts on the pond. Christmas lights in the shape of Christmas trees sit on top of the rafts. (The last couple of years, the city has included other types of Christmas lights on the pond.)

The scene is gorgeous as the lights reflect on the water. Continue reading

A Charlie Brown Christmas Coloring Activity

Charlie Brown Christmas coloring pages free printables.I love the music from the movie A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Someday, I’m going to learn how to play the theme song on the piano! (Keyword: someday…)

Until then, I’ll have to satisfy that desire by printing off coloring pages for my grandkids to color.

Here are links to 6 coloring pages that you can print off for your grand kiddos. (Click on the picture.) Continue reading

Christmas Tree Brownies

Make these yummy Christmas tree brownies for your family Christmas party.Before I get to today’s post, I’ve got to tell you a story.

A true story. Sad, but true.

My husband was in the National Guard for the first few years of our marriage. We stayed with my sister on those weekends.

One weekend, my sister and I were going to an activity. She was supposed to take brownies to it. She asked me to make brownies while she showered and got ready. So, being the nice sister that I was, I did. Continue reading