Check out some of these incredible edible food crafts!
Have I ever told you that I have a wonderful daughter? Well, I do! She shared a wonderful site with me knowing that I would flip my little granny wig over it. And she was right. (Thank you so much, Darling Daughter!) It’s called Hungry Happenings.  The clever author of […]

Cuisine with a Theme

Yesterday, the Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes cookbook was released. Huzzah! They always have such tasty recipes. If you are interested, you can find it on Amazon or in a nearby bookstore. You can’t go wrong by getting one of their cookbooks! Since fall is just around the corner, […]

More Recipes

The other day a good friend at work shared an idea of a treat that she made for her step-children. She made a brownie batter and baked it on a pizza pan. When the brownie had cooled, she spread softened vanilla ice cream on top. She sprinkled chopped nuts, fruit, […]


Three terrific recipes for making your own refreshing soda fountain malk drink!
I know that summer is winding down. I know that school has started in many places around the country. I know that grandchildren will now be occupied with homework, piano lessons, soccer practice, and a host of other activities. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop having “sweet” experiences […]

Yummy Malts for Grandchildren