Here is a collection of fun free Easter printables.
Egad! Isn’t this picture one of the funniest pictures of Easter Eggs? This is a simple way to decorate Easter eggs — and I think that your teenage grandchildren would enjoy drawing silly faces on boiled eggs. Less mess and just as much creativity — if not more! Why not […]

More Free Easter Printables

Are you looking for some new ideas for Easter this year? Well, look no further! Have I got the greatest ideas for you! I have found the cutest ever printables for Easter eggs! You and your grandkids will love printing them up and using them. Trust me. Okay? Thanks!

Darling Easter Printables

We have a winner folks! Congratulations goes to Kathy as the winner of the delightful children’s book Maya Was Grumpy! Kathy, please send your mailing address to me at nina (at) grandmaideas.com. Now. On to our regularly scheduled program. Easter is almost here. Since you are all so organized and […]

Giveaway Winner — and Easter Ideas

Saturday we had our family Easter egg hunt and assorted activities. So what if it was the day before St. Patrick’s Day? So what if we didn’t do any St. Patrick’s day activities at this little get together? It was still great fun. Lemme show you what we did. First, […]

Easter Activities for Grandchildren

One of my Internet grandma friends, Susan Adcox, told me about some Easter games that she wrote about on her site. They are great games that you can play with your grandchildren. What wonderful ideas! I really loved her game The Wolf and the Eggs and also Steal the Egg. […]

Great Easter Ideas

Grandpa and I just HAD to drop in and see our new little grandson. And I’m glad we did.  I saw a fabulous Easter egg idea. Our niece purchased some ‘jewel’ Easter eggs from Target. Then, she went to Michael’s craft store and bought some small battery-powered LED lights. (She […]

Fun Easter Egg Idea

Make these cute Easter bunny ears for your kids.
This picture was taken last year at my first annual Easter egg hunt for my grandchildren. The two youngest ones had no clue as to what was happening. Still, a good time was had by all. Yesterday, I found a plastic Easter egg out in my yard left over from […]

Easter Activity Round-up

Oh, little Bentley.  How dear you are.  How sweet.  How cuddly.  How cute. And so clever that I want to pinch your little cheek. (But therein lies the problem.  His cheek is little.  My digits are large-ish.  I’d probably break his egg-mobile.) Don’t you agree he’s the cat’s meow? Bentley […]

Egg Crafts for Teenage Grandchildren

My life has been so blessed by the virtual friends and acquaintances that I have made on the Internet. Sometimes I marvel at how my life is enriched by new friends and new ideas because of technology. Without the Internet, I would not know these great folks, be able to […]

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