Kids love eating and making these fun Jell-O rollups!
This time of year is a great time for fall crafts. (Obviously!) Like making these glitter leaves. Or a leaf wreath. Or, a fall leaf painting with Q-tips. Or stained glass votives. Doing these fall crafts just BEGS to have an accompanying fall treat, doesn’t it? I thought so, too. Something that reflects […]

Jolly Jell-O Roll-Ups

Glitter leaves is the perfect fall craft for kids -- easy to do and inexpensive to make!
Well, it’s now September. Fall will officially be here on the 22nd. However, the leaves have been turning for over a week now. And I use the term ‘turning’ very loosely. Are the leaves brilliant orange? Nope. Vibrant red? Nope. Golden yellow? Nope. They are brown, brown, brown. Dismal brown. So I thought that […]

Glitter Leaves

Even though this craft is extremely simple, kids absolutely love doing this fall leaf painting.
Fall is a beautiful time of year. I love how the leaves change colors to brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. There’s something about the colorful leaves that speaks to my soul. Is it because of the change in seasons? (I know it’s NOT because I have to rake and rake […]

Fall Leaf Painting