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Fall Leaf Painting

Even though this craft is extremely simple, kids absolutely love doing this fall leaf painting.Fall is a beautiful time of year. I love how the leaves change colors to brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows.

There’s something about the colorful leaves that speaks to my soul. Is it because of the change in seasons?

(I know it’s NOT because I have to rake and rake and rake said leaves up off my lawn and driveway!)

I have a very simple fall leaf painting activity that you can do with your grandkids. It’s really easy to prepare for — and the kids love doing it. It’s a winner! Continue reading

Fall Leaf Projects for Grandchildren To Do

I took this picture last year of the lane to our home.  I am eagerly awaiting the leaves to turn their beautiful fall colors this year.  They are still green. . . .

I recently came across some great activities that you could do with your grandchildren that involve the gorgeous fall leaves. has directions for taking a fall leaf and covering it with modge podge.  By doing this, the leaf stays colorful, supple, and will last for years.  Fun, fun, fun.

That Artist Woman has a project for painted autumn leaves. I especially love the oak leaves she did.  Their vibrant colors contrast so nicely after being mounted on black paper.

She also has directions for salt dough leaf prints.  Remember back 30 years ago when salt dough projects were all the rage? This could be a fabulous activity that you share with your grandchildren, explaining the salt dough projects you did in days of yore while creating your salt dough leaf.

Grab a grandchild or two for a couple of hours and have fun making these fall leaves.  (These three projects are simple enough that even my klutzy craft-less hands could do them!)

Making Leaf Prints

Today was such a beautiful fall day!  I love the color of the leaves — the oranges, the reds, the yellows.  So, when I saw the directions on making a leaf-print napkin, I thought that I would share them here because this could be a fun activity to do with your grandchildren.

For this activity, you are supposed to sew your own napkins.  If you are not ‘into’ sewing, buy your napkins instead.  Even better, make leaf prints on plain white paper napkins.  They are lots cheaper and, if little grandchildren are helping you, mistakes wouldn’t be a big deal.

The directions call for a brayer.  I’ve never heard of that tool before (which isn’t saying much since I’m not very crafty).  If you don’t have one, I bet you could simply use a rolling pin.  You might want to put some waxed paper over your leaves so that you don’t get paint on your rolling pin.  (Your Thanksgiving pies will thank you.)