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Do you remember back in March that I shared with you the musical shamrock activity that we did with our grandkids? They really enjoyed that activity. “Well,” I thought, “if they like that activity so much why not do a similar activity for Halloween? Only do musical pumpkins instead?” Musical […]

Musical Pumpkins

Check out these 4 fun photo scavenger hunts. Free printables.
I love photo scavenger hunts. For four reasons. First. They are a good way to have bonding time with the grandkids. It’s not your usual kind of activity that the grandkiddos do at grandma’s house. Unique is good. They have wide appeal to tween and teen grandkids. And, best of […]

More Photo Scavenger Hunts

Nina Lewis was on The Place show on Fox13 television. Check out the cool ideas she shared!
I got a super exciting e-mail last week. One of the producers for the show The Place (that is on Fox 13 TV) wanted to know if I would be interested in being on their program. Would I? Oh would I? After squealing, jumping up and down, and shouting for […]

I’m On TV

TutoTod is a craft application that gives directions and pictures of crafts to make using only 3 supplies and 3 tools. Great crafts for young kids.
It’s time to announce the winners to the craft app giveaway. Drum roll please! Congratulations go to: Andrea Bonnie Christi Thank you so much for entering the giveaway. I will give your e-mail address to the good folks at TutoTod and they will send you the code to get your […]

Giveaway Winner Announced

This photo scavenger hunt is a fun activity for tweens and teens! All they need is their cellphone.
Sometimes it seems rather hard to find activities that your tween and teen grandchildren are interested in. And, it seems like they are focused a lot on their cell phone. Well! Tap into that interest and do an activity with them that REQUIRES them to use their cell phone. Do […]

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt