Grandma Ideas announces the winner of her giveaway.
Many thanks for your interest in Elephant Books via your entry in the recent Elephant Books – Grandma Ideas Holiday Giveaway! Congratulations to our winner Michael R! Although your entry was not selected, it’s not too late to gift your favorite little one a book club subscription certain to create wonderful […]

Giveaway Winner!

elephant book coupon code and giveaway
Coupon Code and Giveaway for My Readers! Remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Elephant books and their monthly book subscription? And told you how smitten I was with the books I received?  Those wonderful folks at Elephant Books are letting me offer you two terrific deals! First, […]

Coupon Code and Giveaway

The movie Going in Style will be out in theaters in April.
Before I announce the winner of my giveaway for the $50 free Visa Card, just let me thank everyone who participated. I really enjoyed reading all of your comments — and loved seeing all of the movies that were mentioned. I’ve put a lot on my list of movies to […]

Going in Style Giveaway Winner

The movie Going in Style will be out in theaters in April.
(Note: I have received an incentive for writing this post. However, all opinions are my own. Prizing is provided by Warner Bros. Pictures.) I grew up on a farm in southern Idaho. I don’t recall ever going to a movie in a show house with my family. (I was born in […]

Going in Style Giveaway

Grandma's Gourd is a delightful book app for children ages 6-8.
Thank you to everyone who participated in my giveaway! Now. Here’s the moment you have been waiting for. I’m pleased to announce that the winner for the iOS version of Grandma’s Great Gourd is: Laurie Hansen Let’s give her a big round of applause! I’m happy to announce that the […]

Giveaway Winners Announced

TutoTod is a craft application that gives directions and pictures of crafts to make using only 3 supplies and 3 tools. Great crafts for young kids.
(NOTE: I was given a free copy of TutoTod to review but all opinions are my own.) Do you feel like you’re not creative? That you don’t have any craft ideas? Do you feel like crafts are expensive? Or that you don’t have specialty craft tools? Do you want to make a […]

Fun Craft App and Giveaway!