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More Halloween Party Ideas

Here are 3 great activities for your family Halloween party. They are super easy and cheap!I know that Halloween is just around the corner.

As in it is tomorrow.

While you might consider this as too last minute, I still wanted to share two crafts and one activity that we did at our family Halloween party.

They are super easy to prepare for.

They are super easy for the grand kiddos to do.

And, they are cheap. Can’t ask for anything more, can you? Continue reading

3 Easy No Bake Halloween Treats

Here are 3 easy no-bake Halloween treats that you can whip up in minutes for your Halloween party.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I REALY like ‘easy’ — easy to make treats, easy to do crafts, easy to prepare for activities.

Easy is my modus operandi.

So, I think that you’ll like these 3 easy no-bake treats. They aren’t hard to do. In fact, the hardest thing is refraining from eating the items while you are making the treats! (Can you tell I don’t have self-control? Sigh.)

And these treats don’t take very long to make. Especially when you can coerce get Grandpa to help you make them. When he realizes that he can sneak some of the items, he’ll be more than happy to oblige! Continue reading

Monster Doodles

Kids will enjoy coloring these monster doodles at your family Halloween party. Free monster printables!Are you having a Halloween party with your grandkids?

I am.

And, as always, I’m looking for ideas of things to do.

I recently stumbled across a fabulous site that has some monster doodles that I’m going to use at our party next week. Wahoo!

The content of the site is meant for teachers. However, these free printables can easily be used with your grand chickabiddies.
Continue reading

Moon Silhouette Activity

This Halloween silhouette craft is quick, easy, and fun for kids to make. And, it's inexpensive!Did you see the red moon eclipse the last week?

We forgot all about it until about the last 30 minutes of the eclipse. So we missed seeing the red moon.


Well, even though we didn’t see the red moon, I recently had an activity for my granddaughters where they created a Halloween silhouette on a bright yellow harvest moon.

It’s an easy craft. It’s an inexpensive one — and the grandkids loved making them.  Continue reading

Halloween Party with Grandchildren

Here are fun non-scary ideas for a Halloween party for kids.(Dear Readers, I do apologize for all of the crazy question marks that were in my last newsletter. The newsletter service that I use must have had goblins in it because I do not have a clue as to what happened! Just call me Clueless Granny . . . )

For the  last two years, I have had a Halloween party for my grandchildren. (That was the age that I felt that they were old enough for the activities and crafts that I wanted to do with them.)

We held our party last Saturday. It was a beautiful fall day for such a grand party! Continue reading