The Sight Words app for the iPad or iPhone is a great way for kids to practice and learn their reading site words.
(Note: I did not receive any remuneration for reviewing this app.) My three oldest grandchildren are now in school and are learning to read. As part of that, they have to learn sight words. Much of that learning is not-so-thrilling rote learning. Sight words. Sight work. Ugh! There’s only so […]

Help Children Learn Sight Words

With the Tiny Tap applications, kids can create their own personalized and interactive games. Fun, fun, fun!
How many of you out there in Grannyland got an iPhone or an iPad for Christmas? Lucky,  lucky you! ( Recently, my work  got me an iPad mini. Wahoo!) I’m going to tell you about TinyTap, a free educational game that will keep you and your grandchildren occupied for hours. […]

TinyTap Game for Grandkids

When I was in grade school, I was a tomboy. (Heck, sometimes I still feel like a tomboy!) One of my favorite toys was a little green metal sports car.  (This was in the pre-Matchbox cars days.) It was a one-seater sports car. I thought it was the neatest thing […]

Cars in Sandbox Giveaway

A while back, I wrote about the series of books My Grandma Could Do Anything. The author, Ric Dilz, contacted me with a special offer that I can share with you, Dear Readers. You can get a FREE ePub or PDF copy of the book. Woo hoo! All you have […]

My Grandma Could Do Anything