Stick with me for a moment while I discuss a study done by a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that measured mathematical abilities and gender inequalities. In countries, such as India, where gender equality is low, there is a low percentage of females scoring high in the International Mathematical […]

Grow Your Garden

The other day, I was thinking about just how far we have come with technology. Back in September, I saw a video that demonstrated what Corning is doing. I wonder how soon those technologies will be commonplace in our homes. I have seen computers start as room-sized behemoths. Now, their […]

App Review

Recently, I’ve been contacted by lots of  iPhone and iPad app developers.  They are almost as thick as a shiver of sharks. (Remember in the grammar book giveaway that I recently had, I listed what groups of animals are called? I loved the one referring to sharks. I used ‘shiver […]

Another Giveaway!

(NOTE: I received a free copy of this iPad app for review purposes.) Grandmothers are concerned about helping their grandchildren develop into well-rounded, well-balanced individuals. So I had great interest in reviewing the app (which is a book) called The Adventures of 7 Wonderlicious Girls. You can choose to have […]

An App for Granddaughters