With the Tiny Tap applications, kids can create their own personalized and interactive games. Fun, fun, fun!
How many of you out there in Grannyland got an iPhone or an iPad for Christmas? Lucky,  lucky you! ( Recently, my work  got me an iPad mini. Wahoo!) I’m going to tell you about TinyTap, a free educational game that will keep you and your grandchildren occupied for hours. […]

TinyTap Game for Grandkids

Stick with me for a moment while I discuss a study done by a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that measured mathematical abilities and gender inequalities. In countries, such as India, where gender equality is low, there is a low percentage of females scoring high in the International Mathematical […]

Grow Your Garden

The other day, I was thinking about just how far we have come with technology. Back in September, I saw a video that demonstrated what Corning is doing. I wonder how soon those technologies will be commonplace in our homes. I have seen computers start as room-sized behemoths. Now, their […]

App Review

Recently, I’ve been contacted by lots of  iPhone and iPad app developers.  They are almost as thick as a shiver of sharks. (Remember in the grammar book giveaway that I recently had, I listed what groups of animals are called? I loved the one referring to sharks. I used ‘shiver […]

Another Giveaway!