The Easy-Macro lens attaches to your cell phone with an elastic band. It's fun to use and very inexpensive!
(NOTE: I was NOT paid to write about the Easy-Macro lens nor was I given a free one for review.) A while back, I saw some nifty little camera lenses that attached via a magnet to your cell phone’s camera. I swooned. I fell in love. I coveted. (Read that […]

Cell Phone Macro Lens

Photo of the Day is a fun photography game to play with tweens and teens.
August 19 is World Photography Day. That’s coming right up! (You can click here to read a smidgeon about how it all got started.) I didn’t know anything about how this day came about (which really isn’t surprising because I don’t know about lots of stuff). And, I didn’t know […]

Teach Grandchildren About Photography

Guess where guess what -- fun activity to do with kids
This is the last in the series of photography games.  (At least for now because I can’t come up with any more ideas . . .) The object of this game is that grandma and the grandchildren take a picture of something and then they share it on a blog […]

Guess Where Guess What

Do this fun photography activity with kids.
Have you seen the latest Mission Impossible movie where Tom Cruise crawls out of a window in a super, super, super high hotel and climbs up several stories to another room? And he does it with gloves that have special ‘sticking’ power? I knew it was just a movie. I […]

Mission Possible

Fun photo games to do with kids. Great ideas if you are giving your child a camera for Christmas.
It’s always a challenge to find activities to do with your tween-aged and teen-aged grandchildren. If they have access to a digital camera — or if they have a cell phone that can take pictures — there are several photo games that you can play with your grandchildren. Over the […]

Photo Games to Play with Grandchildren

My daughter teases me that I am the Grandma Paparazzi of the grandchildren. Well of course am!! Isn’t that what it’s all about at times? This made me think about sharing some thoughts on taking pictures of your Halloween activities with your grandchildren. Before you push the button on your […]

Halloween Picture Taking Ideas