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Grandkids (Angels at Play) is a catchy song for grandparents and grandkids by Johnny Prill.
Do you think that your grandkids are angels? That they bless your life in many ways? Do their hugs melt your heart? Do their smiling faces bring you joy? Then Johnny Prill’s song Grandkids (Angels At Play) is for you! It will get you singing –and dancing — about the thrills of […]

Grandkids — Angels at Play

The children's picture book Baroque with Joy by Suzanne Brown is a fabulous introduction to baroque music!
(Note: I was given a free copy of Baroque with Joy but that did not influence my opinion.) While growing up, my exposure to classical music was sorely lacking. (But then, what do you expect for someone born in the Mesozoic era?) I vowed that it would be different with […]

Baroque with Joy

Shine brightly and Sparkle are excellent Christian-based magazines for girls in the first grade through the eighth.
(NOTE: I was given free copies of the magazines SHINE brightly and Sparkle for review. However, that did not influence my opinion.) Today’s magazines for girls are filled with pictures of super skinny models who have perfect complexions, perfect hair, and perfect bodies. The message that those pictures send perfectly […]

Help Granddaughters Shine and Sparkle