You've just GOT to try this super easy cake that uses only 2 ingredients -- a cake mix and soda pop!
Cooking is a great activity to do with grandchildren. They learn so much — fractions, measurements, how to follow a recipe. (And of course self-control because they have to wait until the food is cooked so they can eat it!) I have a recipe that is super, super easy to […]

Super Easy Soda Pop Cake

Enjoy making this simple recipe for old fashioned hard tack candy. You're kids will love making and eating it!
Growing up, we made old-fashioned hard tack candy. My two favorite flavors were cinnamon and wintergreen. Mmmm, mmmm good! Fast-forward (quite a few years). I made this recipe for our kids. Then, when I started making gingerbread houses, I used this recipe for the windows. And of course I always […]

Easy and Yummy Hard Tack Candy

Want a quick treat? Make these donuts in a matter of minutes.
(Note: this is a guest post by Heidi Johnson.) My mom has long passed on but I have great memories of her making wonderful treats for me and my brother. One of those special yummy treats were homemade donuts. My mom didn’t drive so we didn’t run out someplace every […]

Easiest Ever Donuts

Learn how to make the cutest ever little hamburger cookies!
What does that title say? Hamburger cookies? What do you mean — hamburger cookies?!? How in the world can you make cookies out of hamburger? Blech! That almost sounds gross, doesn’t it? Well, these little hamburger cookies are not gross at all. They are cute as a button — and […]

The Cutest Ever Hamburger Cookies

Monster Breakfast is a fun dish to make for kids. You never know what it will look like when it comes out of the oven. It's easy to make -- only 4 ingredients.
When our kids were growing up, one of their favorite breakfasts was Monster Breakfast. (It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that the recipe was really one for German Pancakes.) When the ‘monster’ came out of the oven, there were bulges here, poufs there, curl-ups around the edges. The […]

Make Monster Breakfast for Your Grandkids

Turn these easy no bake cookies into a groundhog peeking out of his hole.
I’m late! I’m late! For a very important post! (Do you recognize this line — even if it is somewhat modified?) It’s taken from Alice in Wonderland . . . I know I’m late. But I just HAD to share this with you today. Even though the hours are quickly […]

Easy No Bake Cookies

Make these Chilaquiles in a cup.
Remember the post where I wrote about making a cake in a cup? I love those little cakes. So yummy. So easy to make. So easy to clean up! Sometimes, when your grandkids visit, they (or you!) may need a snack. Or, brunch. Or lunch. Or a light supper. Whatever. […]

Chilaquiles in a Cup

National Popcorn Day is January 19. Celebrate it with your kids by making some of these wonderful popcorn recipes.
I know that we just barely had Christmas. And New Year’s Day. (And Thanksgiving and Halloween before that.) However, another holiday is just around the corner — and it ISN”T Valentine’s Day, folks! Drumroll please. It’s National Popcorn Day!

Celebrate National Popcorn Day