Make fun free labels at
When I’m in the middle of wrapping Christmas present, I need labels. I dig around in my box that holds the bows and labels. I find bows. Lots! But. Where. Are. The. Labels? I KNOW I bought some last year at the after Christmas sales. I know I did! Didn’t I? I […]

Need Labels? Try Labely!

The Sight Words app for the iPad or iPhone is a great way for kids to practice and learn their reading site words.
(Note: I did not receive any remuneration for reviewing this app.) My three oldest grandchildren are now in school and are learning to read. As part of that, they have to learn sight words. Much of that learning is not-so-thrilling rote learning. Sight words. Sight work. Ugh! There’s only so […]

Help Children Learn Sight Words

Google has developed a keyboard for the iOS that allows for glide typing! Now you can type tons faster! Thanks Google!
I’m giddy with technology glee. I’m swooning. I’m so happy I can hardly stand it! Everyone knows that Google is innovative, creative, clever. They develop wonderful things that make our life so much better. Things that we can’t live without. BG — before Google — how did we ever live […]

Gboard for iOS

Little Peanut on the Go is a great app for grandparents when they babysit their grandchildren
(Note: I was given a pro version of Little Peanut on the Go so that I could evaluate this app. However, that did not influence my opinion.) Raise your hand if you have ever babysat your grandkids. Raise your hand if your grandkids have ever spent the night at your […]

Little Peanut on the Go

TutoTod is a craft application that gives directions and pictures of crafts to make using only 3 supplies and 3 tools. Great crafts for young kids.
(NOTE: I was given a free copy of TutoTod to review but all opinions are my own.) Do you feel like you’re not creative? That you don’t have any craft ideas? Do you feel like crafts are expensive? Or that you don’t have specialty craft tools? Do you want to make a […]

Fun Craft App and Giveaway!

Have loads of fun with your family with the free app MouthOff. For IOS 4.3 or later.
Sometimes I stumble across a piece of technology that makes me laugh. One that tickles my funny bone. One that appeals to my inner child. One that is free and begs me to download it RIGHT NOW! I came across one such technology yesterday and that app is called MouthOff.

Mouth Off with MouthOff

Here is a great technology tip for Gmail users. It's a 'must know' tip!
You know, most of the things that I write about are activities that grandparents can do with grandkids to strengthen their relationship. Today I have something just for you, Dear Grandma Readers. It’s a technology tip that I think you’ll find really useful.

A Secret Trick for Gmail Users

The Easy-Macro lens attaches to your cell phone with an elastic band. It's fun to use and very inexpensive!
(NOTE: I was NOT paid to write about the Easy-Macro lens nor was I given a free one for review.) A while back, I saw some nifty little camera lenses that attached via a magnet to your cell phone’s camera. I swooned. I fell in love. I coveted. (Read that […]

Cell Phone Macro Lens