Hopscotch is a free award-winning app that let's you make games. Great for kids!
Here are some disturbing facts. Only 29% of all employees in the most influential U.S. technology companies (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon etc.) are women. That number includes positions like sales people and those in communications. If you look just at ‘technical’ positions, that number drops to around 15%. […]

Hopscotch – Coding Made Easy

The Robot Match iPad app is an excellent app that teaches children critical thinking skills. For ages 5 and younger.
(NOTE: I did not receive any remunerations for writing about this application. All opinions are my own.) To know me is to know that I love technology. (That’s why I have the nickname of Digi-gram.) I also love the colors orange, yellow, and red. And, funky little robots speak to […]

Robot Match iPad Game