Have loads of fun with your family with the free app MouthOff. For IOS 4.3 or later.
Sometimes I stumble across a piece of technology that makes me laugh. One that tickles my funny bone. One that appeals to my inner child. One that is free and begs me to download it RIGHT NOW! I came across one such technology yesterday and that app is called MouthOff.

Mouth Off with MouthOff

Here is a great technology tip for Gmail users. It's a 'must know' tip!
You know, most of the things that I write about are activities that grandparents can do with grandkids to strengthen their relationship. Today I have something just for you, Dear Grandma Readers. It’s a technology tip that I think you’ll find really useful.

A Secret Trick for Gmail Users

The Easy-Macro lens attaches to your cell phone with an elastic band. It's fun to use and very inexpensive!
(NOTE: I was NOT paid to write about the Easy-Macro lens nor was I given a free one for review.) A while back, I saw some nifty little camera lenses that attached via a magnet to your cell phone’s camera. I swooned. I fell in love. I coveted. (Read that […]

Cell Phone Macro Lens

Hopscotch is a free award-winning app that let's you make games. Great for kids!
Here are some disturbing facts. Only 29% of all employees in the most influential U.S. technology companies (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon etc.) are women. That number includes positions like sales people and those in communications. If you look just at ‘technical’ positions, that number drops to around 15%. […]

Hopscotch – Coding Made Easy