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Doing Outdoor Activities with Grandchildren

I am so grateful for the Internet — for many reasons.  And one big reason is for all of the wonderful people I have “met.”   BI (before the Internet), there would be absolutely no way on earth that I could have ever met these talented, creative, and smart people!  My life is so much richer because of them.

I have asked one of these e-friends, Anne Wayman, to share some of the things that she does with her teen-aged grandchildren.  (She makes me wish that I lived in Sand Diego — especially since it snowed yesterday and is supposed to snow today!)

Anne writes:

In the summer, when the Pacific Ocean around San Diego warms up, I go boogie boarding with my teen-age grandkids. Well, I provide transportation for the three of us and the three boards and some snack money. We spread out on the beach; I pass out sunscreen and they plunge in. I tend to tip-toe slowly. They start way further out than I do and come whooshing by. I catch the
gentler, nearer waves. We all have a ball for an hour or so. Then we pack up.

I’ve found outdoor activities of almost any sort are great for both me and them. We’ve tried kayaking, hiking, even whale watching. Take your grandkids outdoors!  (Anne Wayman is a grandmother who also blogs at

Thanks, Anne, for sharing!

Do any of you have outdoor activities that you do with your teen-age grandchildren?

Host a Murder Dinner Party for Teenaged Grandchildren

Hold a Mystery Dinner party for your teenaged kids. They'll love it!Several years ago (like probably over 15 years), my husband and I went to a local ski resort for a murder mystery dinner party.  (He can’t remember it at all!  But I can.  I thought it was great fun.  If he can’t remember it, maybe that tells you what he thought of the evening . . .)

The actors performed Act I and then we were served our first course of the meal.  While we were eating, the actors walked around and talked with the dinner guests.  The guests could ask them questions.

Then, they did Act II.  We ate the main course and again the actors went around mingling with the guests.  After dessert, we wrote down who we thought the murderer was.  The actors performed the finale and we learned the murderer’s identity.  It was a delightful evening and lots of fun to try and figure out the mystery.

Several years later (probably ten years ago), I bought a boxed murder mystery dinner party called Pasta, Passion, and Pistols.  I invited 2 other couples over and we played the game while we ate a spaghetti dinner.  It was fun.  (Even though I was the hostess, I didn’t know who the killer was!)

Sometimes it’s hard to find activities that appeal to teen-aged grandchildren.  For Halloween, you might want to consider hosting a murder mystery dinner party.  You can find the games at your local game store.  They run around $30 dollars.  While that is rather pricey, you can use it for different grandchildren as they grow up and get old enough to play the game.  (You could even play it with some of your own adult friends!)

If you’re interested, there are murder mystery ‘events’ in the US and in Canada. The Great Gatsby Murder at the Elms in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, and the Island Getaway That’s murder on Jekyll Island, Georgia, sound so intriguing to me.  But because of the cost, it might be a tad too expensive to do with grandchildren.  (Maybe just you and grandpa might want to participate.)

Or, you can watch Clue, the movie.  Your local library might have it available for check out.  A friend of mine had Clue that was a game and was on a VHS tape.  (You can tell how long ago THAT was!)  Maybe your library has that, too.

Or, you can simply play the board game.

What are some of the Halloween activities you do with your teen-aged grandchildren — or have done with your teen-aged children?