Use this free printable to make a gratitude banner.
This is the time of year when we pause to reflect on all of the things that we are grateful for. I am grateful for my family and dear friends. I am grateful that I can easily fill the basic needs such as a home, food, and seasonal clothing to […]

Gratitude Banner

Get the free printable for these easy-to-make balloon turkeys.
My grandchildren LOVE balloons! (What child doesn’t, I ask you?) Kids┬ácan play with a simple balloon for a long time! They especially like seeing how long they can keep it in the air or how long they can bat it back and forth with someone. (Good gross motor skill practice!) […]

Balloon Turkeys

Whip up this simple little turkey in mere minutes and then use it to list the things you are thankful for.
If you dropped by my link party this week, you will have seen this colorful turkey craft by Mindie from her Born Again Farm Girl site. It spoke to my heart and said, “Make this craft with your grandchildren. Like — SOON!” So, I did. But I modified it a […]

Thankful Turkey

Turkeys made from a juice box is a super easy Thanksgiving craft.
How would you like some fun little turkeys tucked around your house for Thanksgiving decorations? Or possibly as place settings at your Thanksgiving meal? This little juice box turkey craft makes the cutest ever little turkeys. Your grandkids will want to make a whole flock of them!

Juice Box Turkey

Make an Indian tepee from a brown grocery bag. It's an easy Thanksgiving craft that kids enjoy.
It seems that a large percentage of Thanksgiving crafts focus on turkeys. Or pumpkins. Which is fine. However, the poor ol’ Indian tepee gets the short shrift sometimes. So, let’s have our grandkids make an Indian tepee. They are really easy!

Make an Indian Tepee

Make this gratitude box. Then everyday before Thanksgiving, have each child write something that they are grateful for and put it in the box. Then, on Thanksgiving day, as a family read the papers and then give thanks for all of your blessings.
There are so many things I am thankful for. In the total world population, I belong to the: 6.7 percent that hold a degree from a university. 20 percent that live on more than $10 a day. 37 percent that has adequate sanitation. 40 percent that has electricity. I have […]

Gratitude Box