Valentine’s Day

Here are 4 easy and great Valentine crafts for kids to do.
Valentine’s Day! It’s coming up right quick now. Do you need some ideas of crafts that you can do with the grandkids! It’s always great fun when those crafts are easy. And inexpensive. (That’s always good, huh?) So. I thought that I would gather 4 of my popular Valentine crafts […]

Valentine Roundup of 4 Great Crafts

Do you know what resist art is? I didn’t either until a while ago. When I learned about it, I was itching to do an art activity with my grandkids. I was finally — FINALLY — able to do a Valentine themed one with my granddaughter. While grandkids of all […]

Valentine Resist Art

Make a green Valentine (green hearts Mod Podged onto a green bar of soap) in symbolic support of protecting the world for generations to come against damaging the climate.
The other day a representative from the WWF-UK (World Wildlife Fund – UK) contacted me. “Would you be interested in participating in a ‘green’ Valentine activity?” they asked me. “And, would you be willing to share a short film about protecting the things in life that we love against climate […]

Green Valentine

Grandkids love making Valentines with their Grandma. And that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about — sharing the love. And Grandma loves making them with the kiddos when there’s minimal preparation and clean-up. Oh, grandma’s also love it when the Valentine is easy to make. These polka dot Valentines fit […]

Polka Dot Valentines