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Valentine Resist Art

Make a Valentine resist art drawing using a hot glue gun and paint.Do you know what resist art is?

I didn’t either until a while ago. When I learned about it, I was itching to do an art activity with my grandkids.

I was finally — FINALLY — able to do a Valentine themed one with my granddaughter.

While grandkids of all ages will enjoy this art activity, tweens and teens will especially like it because they can create their own designs with the glue gun. Continue reading

Valentine Marbled Candle Holder

Great fun! Make these marbled Valentine candle holders using red and white fingernail polish!My name is Nina and I am addicted to votives and candle holders. And tealights.

Is there a local chapter for the Candle Holders Anonymous Association in my area?

What? You say there isn’t such an organization?

Phew! I guess I’ll just have to make peace with my obsession — and make some of these fun Valentine marbled candle holders with my grandkids. Continue reading

8 Insanely Easy Valentine Crafts

Here are 8 insanely easy Valentine crafts to make with kids.February is almost here, folks. That means it’s time to make some Valentine crafts with your grand-kiddos.

I thought that I would share with you a round-up of 8 of my popular Valentine crafts.

Crafts that are insanely easy. Crafts that are inexpensive.

Crafts that don’t take centuries to make nor centuries to clean up after.

Are you with me?

Wonderful. Let’s get rolling. Continue reading

Days Between Dates

Back Grandma Ideas: Give your Valentine a card that tells how many days you have love the last millennium, I got a wild and crazy idea about celebrating being married for 10,000 days.

I talked to a local gas station to put up a message on their sign about being married to my husband for 10,000 days.

10,000 days! That’s a heap o’ days!

I surprised my husband by taking a cake (with a similar message on it) to work where he could share with co-workers.

I felt very pleased with myself. After all, 10,000 days is a significant amount of days to be married. Continue reading

Easy To Make Valentine Magnets

Make these Valentine's Day heart magnets in under 15 minutes! GrandmaIdeas.comValentine’s Day is coming up soon. Do you want a Valentine’s Day craft to do with your tween and teen granddaughters?

One that is easy?

One that they will love?

Look no further! You can make these Valentine magnets in under 15 minutes. Why, I predict that it will take you more time to round up the supplies than to make the magnets. Continue reading