Valentine’s Day

Do you know what resist art is? I didn’t either until a while ago. When I learned about it, I was itching to do an art activity with my grandkids. I was finally — FINALLY — able to do a Valentine themed one with my granddaughter. While grandkids of all […]

Valentine Resist Art

Make a green Valentine (green hearts Mod Podged onto a green bar of soap) in symbolic support of protecting the world for generations to come against damaging the climate.
The other day a representative from the WWF-UK (World Wildlife Fund – UK) contacted me. “Would you be interested in participating in a ‘green’ Valentine activity?” they asked me. “And, would you be willing to share a short film about protecting the things in life that we love against climate […]

Green Valentine

Grandkids love making Valentines with their Grandma. And that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about — sharing the love. And Grandma loves making them with the kiddos when there’s minimal preparation and clean-up. Oh, grandma’s also love it when the Valentine is easy to make. These polka dot Valentines fit […]

Polka Dot Valentines

Wow! Make this washable Valentine plate with scrap book paper by using dishwasher safe Mod Podge!
You can knock me over with a feather. Well, almost. I recently learned that there is a special Mod Podge. One that make craft projects dishwasher safe! Imagine that! So of course I had to give it a try. Of course!

Valentine Plate

Grandma Ideas: Give your Valentine a card that tells how many days you have love him.
Back in the last millennium, I got a wild and crazy idea about celebrating being married for 10,000 days. I talked to a local gas station to put up a message on their sign about being married to my husband for 10,000 days. 10,000 days! That’s a heap o’ days! […]

Days Between Dates