Check Out This iPad App For Your Grandchildren

Puzzingo is a fun iPad app for kids.One of the fun things that I like to do with my grandchildren is to let them play with apps on the iPad. It’s a good excuse because then I get to play with such delightful, colorful, sound-full activities.

It’s also an excuse to snuggle with a grandchild. (Like I need an excuse. NOT!)

I recently got Puzzingo and have enjoyed playing it. (Grandpa says that I need to let the grandchildren take a turn playing it. Silly grandpa.)

With Puzzingo, you ‘build’ a circus by dragging and dropping items on the screen. You ‘shake’ a gaily-wrapped present. It pops and gives you the items to drag. There are jungle animals (my favorite), farm animals, ocean critters, numbers (cute candles on a birthday cake), balloons in the shape of alphabet letters, and toys.

The items are lined up on the right-hand side of the screen. You tap and drag the item to its shape on the left-hand side of the screen. When you tap on an item, it makes the appropriate sound (if it’s an animal) or says the letter or number.

After you finish dragging all of those items in that category, balloons float to the top of the screen. You tap on them to pop them. In my game playing experience (which is extremely minimal) I expected to see points racked up for the balloons I popped. It didn’t happen. Rats. (Maybe points for popping could be in the next version of the game.) It seemed to me that the balloons floated to the top too fast for young children. If grandma or grandpa helped the grandchildren, it would probably be okay.

This game has lots of kid appeal with its bright colors and attractive artwork. As you play, the game says the name of the item you drag into place and displays the word. Children visually recognize the items, learn how to say it, see the written word, and hear it spoken.

You can set the options to be for a little child or a bigger child. Little children only have to drag the shapes in close proximity to the placement on the screen. Bigger children, who obviously have better small muscle control, have to get the placement more exact. That is a nice option to have.

You can also turn the music on or off. Whew! Grandparents will appreciate that if their grandchild play the game a lot.

One concern that I had (and it’s really a small one) is that some of the letters in the letter section might be hard for a child to distinguish. Balloons form the letters making them very roundish. Because they are so round, some letters (like the H and the D) might be difficult for very young children to recognize. But if the grandchild is snuggling on grandma’s lap, grandma can certainly help the grandchild with these letters.

If I were to give this app a star rating, I would give it 4.75 out of 5 stars.

If you have an iPad and if you have grandchildren learning letters of the alphabet, their numbers, and their animals (and those are two big ifs sometimes), Puzzingo would be a great game to have. Loads of fun while learning.

I wish I had an iPad when I was a child . . .

Full disclosure: I received a promotional code so that I could download it for free to review. It did not influence my opinion in any way.