Children’s Chapter Book: Leelo to the Zoo

Read Leelo to the Zoo -- a delightful children's chapter book. GrandmaIdeas.comLeelo to the Zoo is the second book in a series about a little boy named Leelo. He lives above the clouds.

Occasionally, he is given permission to visit his human friend, Marco, on earth. In this book, he slides down the rainbow when he visits Marco.

(In the first book, Leelo meets Marco on his first trip to earth. Marco is often the victim of bullying at school. Leelo helps Marco escape a terrifying situation when Marco was threatened by bullies.)

In this second book, Marco continues to learn about friendship and kindness.

He befriends a girl who fell as she ran to catch the bus. He helps her up and picks up her books. She mentions that she is often bullied by kids on the bus and Marco tells her that she is safe with him.

Read Leelo to the Zoo -- a delightful children's chapter book.

When the school children arrive at the zoo, a group of bad boys feed peanuts and chips to a baby monkey. The monkey becomes sick.

Read Leelo to the Zoo -- a delightful children's chapter book.

Marco and Leelo get the vet and he saves the baby monkey’s life. Huzzah!

This book has a good moral about being kind to others — and to animals. It also comes out against bullying and shows how kids can reach out to other children who are being bullied. This book would be a great conversation starter with your grandchildren about what to do if they are bullied or if they see others bullying someone.

I love the bright colors in this book. The illustrations are charming and fun and I think that this book would be appealing to children who can read chapter books.

Gaetane Montreuil, a grandmother of 5, wrote this book. And what is especially delightful, they helped her write it! What a great experience for a grandmother to have with her grandkids!

Leelo to the Zoo is available on Amazon in paperback for $14.68 or for the Kindle for $6.39.

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of the book to review. That did not influence my opinion of it in any way.

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    Many thanks for your nice review, I am working on my third book and I will be happy to send it to you. I really appreciate your support.
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