Christmas Crafts

Here are 4 Christmas craft ideas that you could make to bring the holiday cheer into your home.Are you having a family Christmas party?

Need some ideas for activities?

Or do you just want some activities to do with a grandchild on a snowy December afternoon?

Sometimes, I feel that I’m not very crafty.  It’s just not in my genes.  So, if I ever do some craft projects with my grandchildren, it will have to be REALLY simple and easy.

And, if it’s easy for me, it will be easy for them.  Hopefully. At least that’s the plan.

Here are a few ideas that I recently came across that I thought were really cute. And, they looked like they would be easy to make.

Reindeer Pots — These terra cotta pots make cute reindeer. Pots, paints, pipe cleaners, and pom poms. Oh and googly eyes and Christmas ribbon. Those are the supplies that you need.

Candy Cane Mouse — Fairly small grandchildren can make these felt mice. No sewing involved. These would be fun to make and place all around the house. Or maybe hang on the Christmas tree.

Paper plate Santa, reindeer, and snowman is always a hit with the grandkids.

These snow candles are easy, easy, easy. You just need a holiday colored candle, mod podge, and Epsom salt. Grandkids ages 3 and up can easily make these candles. They’ll love rolling the candles in the salt. (Just don’t let them lick their fingers!!)

Here’s hoping that you have fun making these crafts with your grandchildren!

Thanks for sharing!