Christmas Decorations to Make with Grandchildren

I stumbled across the most clever idea for making paper candy canes. I knew immediately that I had to share it here with you.  (Disclaimer:  the picture to the left does is NOT what the paper candy canes will look like . . .)

Skip to My Lou has great pictures and directions explaining how to make these paper candy canes.  Go there and check it out.  She also has a great idea for making a snowflake using plastic berry baskets.  (I wish I had known this idea back in the summer so I could save some of those baskets.  Oh well.  Maybe next summer.  If I remember about this idea when it’s sweltering hot . . .)

She also has a pattern for making a diaper for baby dolls.  If you’ve got any granddaughters with dolls, this would be a fun thing to make and give as a Christmas present.

And then on her site, she has directions to make adorable totes.  These, too, would be fun to make for grandchildren.  And, not too hard.  There’s a tutorial for a cute, cute tote made out dish towels.  There are directions for making a tote out of a tank top and a tote from a pillowcase. There are ten different styles in all.  It makes me want to sit down at my sewing machine and sew, sew, sew.

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Thanks for sharing!