Christmas Dice Game

This Christmas dice game is fun to play at family holiday get togethers.Are you going to have a family get-together for the holidays?

Want a game that you could play that both young and old can play together?

And one where the youngsters won’t be at a disadvantage because they are young?


This Christmas Dice Game is a great because the whole family can play together.

Print up my free printable Christmas Dice Game sheets. You can either print them on card stock paper or regular copy paper. Both work just fine.

There are 6 different sheets — a Santa, candy cane, Christmas present, Christmas tree, snowman, and Christmas stocking.

Give one sheet to each player along with one dice. Select a grandchild to be the first player.

That grandchild rolls the dice. She crosses off the paper the number that she rolled. Let’s say she rolled a two. She looks at her sheet, finds a number two, and puts an X through it.

The player to her left rolls the dice and crosses the number off her paper that she rolled.

As play continues, it gets a little tricky. Say that you rolled a three but all of the threes on your paper are already crossed off. Sorry Charlie! Too bad. You don’t get to cross anything off.

And, that is the end of your turn. You pass the dice to the next person.

Play continues until someone has all of the numbers crossed off their sheet. The first person to cross out all of their numbers is the winner.

This is a simple game but easy to play with all ages of grandkids.

Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Dice Game

  • Nina Lewis Post author

    It really doesn’t matter. Every sheet has the same amount of numbers to cross off — except for the Christmas tree. It has one less. (Boy, I goofed there!)

  • Betty

    Do you use different sheets since 13 people playing or does everyone playing have the same sheet? Pls respond quickly answer.

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