Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt with Grandchildren

Add some fun to your holidays by doing a Christmas lights scavenger hunt with your kids. Free printable.Our little community has a pond. Not a lake. A pond

At Christmas time, the city floats rafts on the pond. Christmas lights in the shape of Christmas trees sit on top of the rafts. (The last couple of years, the city has included other types of Christmas lights on the pond.)

The scene is gorgeous as the lights reflect on the water.

A nearby city puts up all sorts of light displays in a city park. It is fun to go as a family and drive through the park to see the lights.

Christmas lights. So fun to enjoy.

Add some sparkle (pun intended here, folks) as you drive around and enjoy the holiday lights. Do a Christmas lights scavenger hunt!

Play this Christmas lights scavenger hunt as you drive around and enjoy the Christmas lights with your family.I have made a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt checklist that you can use.

Print it off and give a copy to each grandchild.

As you drive around looking at the lights, your grandchild calls out when she sees one of the things on her list.

She then puts a check in the box by that item. (The other grandchildren have to see another light display to be able to check off that item on their own list.)

At the end of your drive, give a prize to the grandchild who was the first person to check off everything — or to the one with the most items checked off.

Give other grandchildren special prizes, too. For instance, give a prize to the person who was first to see lights in the shape of an elf or a teddy bear. See if you can give some sort of prize to every grandchild so that nobody will feel left out.

You could make this scavenger hunt a tradition that you do with your grandchildren every year.

Afterwards, you can go back to your home for some cookies and hot cocoa and to sing a couple of Christmas carols!

One thought on “Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt with Grandchildren

  • Joyce

    Thanks for a really, really great idea! I printed off your list and I know we’ll do this after the kids are old enough to read.
    My personal reaction to decorations like “Disney characters” and “penguins” is “yuck!” I’m more of a “candle-wreath-angel-nativity scene-deer-Joy” kind of person! But the kids love the tacky stuff so why not?
    Merry Christmas, NIna!

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