Christmas Treats and Crafts

Here are some quick and easy Christmas treats and crafts.How in the world did we ever live without the Internet?

(And cell phones, and computers, and mini iPads for that matter?)

Many of my grandma friends are not very tech savvy. Poor things!

However, technology brings glee to my life — especially when I find things on the Internet that are fun and inexpensive. Especially at Christmas time.

I thought that I would share with you a couple of things that I have recently seen. You might want to make these treats or do these craft activities with your grandchildren this Christmas season.

pompom treeThis pom pom tree is easy to make. You just glue pom poms on a Styrofoam cone. Can’t get much easier that this!

rudolphTurn an empty yogurt cup into a clever craft. This is a way cute Rudolph. (For young grandchildren, you’d have less mess if you just taped brown construction paper around the cup.)

chowAnd what will you feed Santa’s reindeer? Why reindeer chow! The recipe uses Oreo cookies, pretzels, white almond bark, and holiday sprinkles. (I think that I will have to make enough so that the grandkids and I can eat some, too!)

pretzel treatHere’s an easy and outta this world yummy reindeer treat. (It’s outta this world because it uses Rolo candy and I think Rolos are divine)!

This treat uses only pretzels, Rolos, and Sixlets candies. (You could use red M&Ms if you can’t find the Sixlet candy.)

snowmanThis paper plate snowman is easy to make. (You’ll have to scroll and scroll and scroll down this site to get to the directions for this snowman!) This craft is inexpensive and easy to make.

pretzel treatAnd last but not least, is another pretzel treat. Simply put Hershey kisses on a pretzel, heat in the oven for a few minutes, and then smoosh an M&M candy into the kiss. Doesn’t this look festive.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Treats and Crafts

  • Joyce

    That’s a very cute collection of ideas – appealing and easy! Just what we grandmas like and need! I certainly agree with you about the internet! When my kids were growing up I had a very limited amount of crafty ideas available from only women’s magazines or a handful of books on the shelves of a local book store. Editors decided what we made for Christmas! It’s so much better now for the current round of grandkids! So much talent and willingness to share it out there!

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