Coupon Code and Giveaway

Come get your coupon for Elephant Books and enter their giveaway!

Coupon Code and Giveaway for My Readers!

Remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Elephant books and their monthly book subscription? And told you how smitten I was with the books I received? 

Those wonderful folks at Elephant Books are letting me offer you two terrific deals!

First, they are holding a giveaway for my readers for a chance to win a one-month subscription! Wahoo!

Click here to go to enter the giveaway. Hurry! Don’t delay!

Another thing!

As a special promotion, they are also offering my readers $5 off your first subscription if you order by December 31, 2017. Use the promotion code: GRANDMAIDEAS

Double wahoo!

Instead of giving your grandchildren a toy for Christmas that gets lost, broken, or never played with after Christmas, give the gift of reading. A gift of building your grandchild’s library. A gift of providing books that you (and your grandchildren’s parents) can  read to your grandchild over and over and over. (Of course you’ll need to snuggle with your grandchild as you read the books! That’s just a given, right?)

Think how this will strengthen family bonds! And that’s what this site is all about — providing activities that grandparents can do with their grandchildren to strengthen their relationship.

I suggest you enter the giveaway right now!

You’ll be glad you did.

2 thoughts on “Coupon Code and Giveaway

  • Geneva Larson

    This is such a great way to send books to my grandkids. They love the books and I love hearing from them each month when the package arrives. Thank you Eleohant Books for making this so simple.

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