Crayon Cookies

So, have you made any chunky crayons yet?  What — no?  Why, you’ve had a whole day to give this a whirl!  That should have been enough time.  🙂

I want to extend the crayon idea a wee bit.  Why not make crayon cookies?  They look absolutely adorable.  You can make the edible kind first.  Then, the coloring kind.  Then, spend time coloring and munching.  (I hope you and your grandchildren will be able to tell which cookie is for coloring with and which for munching on!)

This leads me to another fun cookie idea. Try your culinary hand at making some cookie pops. (I think these might turn out better than my cake pop fiasco . . . )  Cookie Pops:  Roll out sugar cookie dough.  Cut out shapes with cookie cutters.  Stick in a sucker stick.  Bake.  Frost.  Eat.  Life can’t get any better (or more delicious) than this!  (This recipe calls for store-bought sugar cookie dough.  I bet it will work if you use your own favorite recipe.)

Then there are the Cookie Cups, the Bull’s Eyes, the Honey Bee’s, and the Lightening Bolt cookies. Fun, fun, fun!

And hold on to your chef’s hat!  There’s even the Checkerboard Cookie.  The picture of these cookies is so cute.  Why, they look like checkers on a checkerboard.  (Imagine that!  That is probably why they named this recipe the Checkerboard Cookie.  D’ya think?)  Now the directions only say to spread red frosting on alternating squares and black frosting on the remaining squares.  Do pray tell how in the world do you spread the frosting so perfectly that it looks like a checkerboard instead of a one-year-old’s attempt at frosting cookies?  Mmmm?   Maybe for me the joy will be in the ‘attempt’ rather than a beautiful artistic end product.

Do you see a theme here?  Cookies.  Fun shaped cookies.  Cookies that grandchildren would enjoy making — and enjoy eating!  Why not invite your grandchildren over for an afternoon of baking and eating.  You’ll be baking memories that will last a lifetime.

If your grandchildren don’t live close enough to come to your house for cookie baking, why not send them the link to these cookies?  Encourage them to bake the cookies and then send you some pictures of them.  Or, you can bake the cookies and send them through the mail.

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  • DigiGram Post author

    Julianne, maybe you can practice these cookie ideas with you little bean . . . when you have her . . . and when she gets to eating ‘real’ food . .

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