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magazine coverHave you ever wanted to be featured in a magazine and have your picture spread across its cover?

Me neither . . . (Actually, I would rather be the author of an article.)

However, it’s fun to make ‘pretend’ magazine covers. Grandchildren will get a kick out of seeing their picture on a  cover — or creating the cover by themselves.

The process is easy. It’s a snap. Here’s what you need to do.

Mosey over to Big Huge Labs: Magazine Cover.

Upload the picture that you want to use. (That might be the hardest part!) I recommend that you keep the file size to 2MB or under if at all possible.

Select the primary and secondary colors — like the yellow and white in my picture. (This will all make sense when you log on to the site.)

Then, type in the magazine title, tagline, publication date, price, and any other text that you might want to include.

When you’re finish, you click on a big blue button that says ‘create.’ After a few seconds, you get the cover of your magazine! What great fun.

If you don’t like how it looks, you can edit it and make the changes. When you are finished, you can save it, send it to Facebook or Flickr, or e-mail it to yourself, your grandchild, or the shoe salesman at JC Penny who thinks your grandchild is as sweet as candy.

So, invite your grandchild over for some ‘tech time’ and have fun creating your cover. If your grandchildren live far away, send them the Big Huge Lab link. Have them create the magazine cover and then send you their creation.

Your could also ‘write’ your own articles and create a magazine. Then you could print up your articles, print up your cover on card stock paper, and staple evrything together. And, there you have your own magazine.




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  • Joyce

    Wouldn’t your idea be great for one of those “Aw-I-Don’t-Need-Anything” Grandpas for Father’s Day? I also loved – and used – your past link for making inspirational posters. Super cute!

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