Creative Family Trees and Free Printables

(Note: This is a guest post by Sherry Chen.)

When it comes to family, no one is the same. Near or far, big or small, families are the ones you share many memories with and the ones who know you better than anyone.

Celebrate your family history by creating a family tree for everyone to enjoy. In order to show off your family ties, Personal Creations has put together seven family tree visuals you can print and fill out with your own parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents!

From a traditional potted plant tree, to an out of this world galactic family tree, these modern family tree templates are the perfect school project or gift to a loved one.

Here’s a picture of the galactic family tree. This could be especially appealing to boys.

Here are free printables for family trees. They're clever and appealing!

Take a look at the balloon family tree. This adds a touch of whimsey as you fill out our ancestors!

Here are free printables for family trees. They're clever and appealing!

Make sure you take a look at theĀ family tree visuals.

Thanks, Sherry, for sharing these fun free printables for family trees.

This is the perfect time for filling these out as your family gathers for Thanksgiving Dinner. Parents and grandparents can also share stories from their lives with their children and grandchildren at this time.

My grandchildren know my mother, who is their great-grandmother. This is so wonderful that they know her. However, they don’t know my father since he passed away before they were born. (They don’t know their other great-grandparents either.)

I’m going to print out a family tree for each of my grandchildren and then I’m going to tell them this story about my father. In the late 1920s, my father’s family purchased a farm. The man they purchased it from was friendly with Indians of the local tribe.

One day, some Indians stopped by the farm not knowing it had been sold. My father, who was around six-years-old at the time, was scared when he saw them. He had heard tales that the Indians liked to kidnap white boy children. My father ran as fast as he could into the house so he wouldn’t get kidnapped!

Sharing stories helps family members get to know each other and strengthen their relationship. And that’s what it’s all about — strong families!

If your grandchildren aren’t able to come to your house for Thanksgiving dinner, print off some family trees and pop the copies in the mail for them to fill out. I think that they will really enjoy them!

Thanks for sharing!