Make Some Creepy Cuisine with Your Grandchildren

Cornbread.  I love cornbread.  Saturday, I fixed a batch of cornbread and it tasted rather ghoulish.  I told my husband I was cooking like a new bride — then I dumped it in the trash. While my cooking was ghastly, I hope you have better culinary luck with the Creepy Cuisine from Family Fun.  There’s stuff like Swamp Juice, Putrid Punch, Hairy Daddy Longlegs Cupcakes, Edible Eyeballs, and Vampire Fangs.  Food like this is sure to be a hit with your grandchildren (especially your grandsons).
Whip up some of these easy Halloween popcorn balls.  (The ‘sauce’ reminds me of Rice Krispie Treats.)  They are so cute I could just eat them!
You might want to take a break from all of your Halloween eatin’ to make a few Halloween crafts like this candy corn luminary, or the tin can black cat, or the crashing witch door hanging, or the witches hats, or the bat pins, or the . .  . Hey! If you can’t find something fun to make with your grandchildren on this site, there’s something wrong with you!
Head on over to Family Fun for more Halloween crafts and decorations. I liked their CandleEyebra, the Boa Bats, and the Ghost Disguised as a Pumpkin.  (Your grandchildren will love his crazed eyes!  I sure did.)

Time is running out. Halloween will soon be here. I hope some of these ideas will help you have a spook-tacular time celebrating Halloween with your grandchildren!